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International Journals

Measurement Methodology for Determining the Optimal Frequency Domain Configuration to Accurately Record WiFi Exposure Levels
M. Fernández, D. Guerra, U. Gil, I. Peña, A. Arrinda
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement / Volume 68, Issue 2, February 2019, Page(s): 547-557.
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Characterization of non-intentional emissions from distributed energy resources up to 500 kHz: a case study in Spain
I. Fernandez, N. Uribe-Pérez, I. Eizmendi, I. Angulo, D. de la Vega, A. Arrinda, T. Arzuaga
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (Elsevier) / Volume: 105, February 2019, Page(s): 549-563.


Using Layered-Division-Multiplexing to Deliver Multi-Layer Mobile Services in ATSC 3.0
Zhang, L; Wei, L.; Wu, Y.; Salehian, K..; Lafléche, S.; Hong, Z.; Park, S-I; Kim, H-M; Lee, J-Y; Hur, N.; Wang, X.; Angueira, P.; Montalban, J.
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting / July 2018 (Early Access).
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Layered-Division-Multiplexing for High Spectrum Efficiency and Service Flexibility in Next Generation ATSC 3.0 Broadcast System
Zhang, L.; Wu, Y.; Li, W.; Rong, B.; Salehian, K.; Lafleche, S.; Wang, X.; Park, S-I.; Kim, H-M.; Lee, J-Y; Hur, N.; Angueira, P.; Montalbán, P.
IEEE Wireless Communications / Early acccess, 2019.
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