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Field trials for the characterization of Non-Intentional Emissions at Low Voltage grid in the frequency range assigned to NB PLC technologies
Fernández, I.; de la Vega, D.; Arrinda, A.; Angulo, I.; Uribe-Pérez, N.; LLano, A.
Electronics / September 2019


The Role of Power Line Communications in the Smart Grid Revisited: Applications, Challenges, and Research Initiatives
G. López, J. Matanza, D. de la Vega, M. Castro, A. Arrinda, J.I. Moreno, A. Sendin.
IEEE Access / July 2019, Early Access.
IEEE Access®


Field trials for the Empirical Characterization of the Low Voltage Grid Access Impedance from 35 kHz to 500 kHz
I. Fernández, A. Arrinda, I. Angulo, D. de la Vega, N. Uribe, A. Llano.
IEEE Access / Volume: 7, June 2019, Page (s): 85786 - 85795.
IEEE Access®


Impact of channel disturbances on current narrowband Power Line Communications and lessons to be learnt for the future technologies
A. Llano, I. Angulo, D. de la Vega, L. Marrón
IEEE Access / Volume: 7, June 2019, Page (s): 83797 - 8381.
IEEE Access®