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International Journals

Broadcast Core-Network: Converging Broadcasting with the Connected World
Montalban, J.; Cabrera, R.; Iradier, E.; Angueira, P.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Li, W.; Hong, Z.
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Accepted for publication


Laboratory Tests of ATSC M/H Commercial Receivers Performance on SFN Networks
Matias,J.M.; Ortiz,F.G.; Hernandez,M.A.; Lopez,C.H.; Gil,U.; Landeros,S.
IEEE Latin America Transactions, Vol: 18, 10, 2020, Page(s): 1752 - 1759
IEEE Explore®


Constellation Design for Future Communication Systems: A Comprehensive Survey
Barrueco, J.; Montalban, J.; Iradier, E.; Angueira, P.
IEEE Access, Accepted for publication


Integrated Inter-Tower Wireless Communications Network for Terrestrial Broadcasting and Multicasting Systems
Li, W.; Zhang, L.; Wu, Y.; Hong, Z.; Laflèche, S.; Park, S-I.; Kwon, S.; Ahn, S.; Hur, N.; Iradier, E.; Bilbao, I.; Montalban, J.; Angueira, P.
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, Accepted for publication