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International Journals

Characterization of non-intentional emissions from distributed energy resources up to 500 kHz: a case study in Spain
I. Fernandez, N. Uribe-Pérez, I. Eizmendi, I. Angulo, D. de la Vega, A. Arrinda, T. Arzuaga
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (Elsevier) / Accepted for publication, 2018.

Coverage Study of ATSC 3.0 Under Strong Co-Channel Interference Environments
Li, W.; Wu, Y.; Laflèche, S.; Salehian, K.; Zhang, L.; Florea, A.; Park, S.I.; Lee, J-Y.; Kim, H-M.; Hur, N.; Regueiro, C.; Montalbán, J.; Angueira, P.
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting / Early acccess, 2018.
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Measurement Methodology for Determining the Optimal Frequency Domain Configuration to Accurately Record WiFi Exposure Levels
M. Fernández, D. Guerra, U. Gil, I. Peña, A. Arrinda
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement / Early Access, 2018.
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Network Resource Allocation System for QoE-Aware Delivery of Media Services in 5G Networks
A. Martin, J. Egaña, J. Flórez, J. Montalbán, I. Olaizola, M. Quartulli, R. Viola, M. Zorrilla
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting / Early Access, 2018.
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