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International Journals

Radio Propagation in Terrestrial Broadcasting Television Systems: a Comprehensive Survey
Montalbán, J.; Aragon-Zavala, A.; Angueira, P.; Vargas-Rosales, C.
IEEE Access / 2021, Accepted for publication


Analysis of NOMA-based Retransmission Schemes for Factory Automation Applications
Iradier, E.; Fanari, L.; Bilbao, I.; Montalban, J.; Angueira, P.; Seijo, O.; Val, I.
IEEE Access / 2021, Accepted for publication


Characterization of the potential effects of EMC filters for power converters on Narrowband Power Line Communications
González-Ramos, J.; Angulo, I.; Fernández, I.; Arrinda, A.; de la Vega, D.
Electronics, Vol: 10, Issue: 2, January 2021, Art. number: 152


Comparison of Measurement Methods for 2-150 kHz Conducted Emissions in Power Networks
Ritzmann, D.; Lodetti, S.; de la Vega, D.; Khokhlov, V.; Gallarreta, A.; Wright, P.; Meyer, J.; Fernández, I.; Klingbeil, D.
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, Vol: 70, 2021, Page(s): 1-10, Art. number: 9001110