PHD thesis



Leire Kortazar Luis Ángel Fernandez,
Eithne Tynan Pascual
Development and implementation of new analytical methodologies for the study of acidification in estuaries
Santos J. González-Rojí Jon Sáenz,
Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegi
Numerical and Observational Study of the Water Balance over the Iberian Peninsula
Esther Blanco Rayon Ionan Marigómez,
Urtzi Izagirre
Contribution to the development of best available practices (BAPs) for a multi-biomarker approach in sentinel mussels based on a better understanding of the influence of confounding factors on biomarker values and responsiveness
Haizea Ziarrusta Intxaurtza Olatz Zuloaga,
Maitane Olivares
Integrated analytical approaches to study the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products on aquatic ecosystems
Leire Mijangos Treviño Nestor Etrxebarria,
Ailette Prieto
Integrated assessment of the presence of emerging compounds and their toxicological effects in estuaries of Biscay
Alvaro Fanjul Fernando Villate,
Arantza Iriarte
On the spatial and temporal variations of zooplankton in Northeast Atlantic shelf waters


Javier Aguirre-Rubí Ionan Marigómez Contribution to the development of biomonitoring programmes for the assessment of chemical pollution and ecosystem health disturbance in mangrove-lined Caribbean coastal systems using bivalves as biomonitors and sentinels
Nerea García Velasco Manu Soto Toxicity assessment of silver nanoparticles in soils through standard tests, an integrated battery of biomarkers at different levels of biological complexity and in vitro approaches with coelomocytes in Eisenia fetida.
Ernesto Villarino Guillem Chust,
Xabier Irigoen
Climate change impacts on global bio-geographical patterns of plankton.
Maddi Badiola Amillategui Diego Mendiola,
Oihane C. Basurco
Land based on-growing of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and salmon (Salmo salar) using Recirculation Aquaculture Systems in the Basque Country: contributions to scientific understanding of economic feasibility, environmental sustainability, and societal acceptability”
Iratxe Rojo Bartolomé Ibon Cancio Sex differentiation in teleost fish species: molecular identification of sex and oocyte developmental stage
Joana Hevia Emma Orive,
Sergio Seoane
Molecular, morphological and physiological analyses of Mediophyceae diatoms in Bilbao estuary
Katerin Azpeitia Diego Mendiola Feasibilioty of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk.) aquaculture in the open ocean waters of the SE Bay of Biscay (Basque Country)


Joshua Martos Bernal Ibon Cancio,
Eider Bilbao
Xenobiotic exposure under hypoxic conditions in aquatic organisms: Interactions between the signaling routes mediated by the HIF-alfa and AHR transcription factors
Unai Vicario Parés Amaia Orbea Cellular and molecular responses of zebrafish to legacy and emerging pollutants: the specific cases of PAHs and metal oxide nanoparticles
Lander Intxausti Fernando Villate,
Lorenzo Motos
Ecología trófica y patrones morfométricos en las poblaciones larvarias de anchoa europea Engraulis encrasicolus del mar Cantábrico y el mar Catalán
Harkaitz Egiraun Martinez Iciar Martínez,
Karmele Lopez de Ipiña
Towards intelligent aquaculture -development of an early biological warning system to monitor exposure to contaminants and fish welfare: from artificial vision to systems modelling
Nerea Lezama Hilario Murua Biodiversity and habitat preferences of the by-catch communities from the tropical tuna purse-seine fishery in the pelagic ecosystem: The case of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
José María Lacave Amaia Orbea Evaluation of the toxicity of metal and metal bearing nanoparticles in aquatic organisms using zebrafish as model.
Ane Rementeria Ugalde Beñat Zaldibar,
Jörg Schäfer
Understanding the impact of silver as an emerging contaminant in the Ibaizabal and Gironde estuaries.

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