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NOTE: Questions marked (*) must be answered



1.) Select the general service you wish to evaluate.(*)



2.) Specify user type.(*)



3.) State your relationship to research projects.(*)
University professor.
Lecturer (senior, associate, etc.)or similar.
Head of Project.
Post-doctoral researcher.
Employed research staff.
Trainee research staff.
Project or laboratory technician.



4.) Did you commission your first job this year or do you work with us regularly?.(*)
First-time this year
Habitual user
Indicate how you heard about us:



5.) Frequency with which you commisssion jobs from the service.(*)
From one to six times a year
Once a month
More than once a month



6.)Specify the way in which you use the service.(*)
Self service
Self service with technical support
Service wholly provided by technical staff


7.)Indicate the name of the technical staff that provided the service


8.) Rate the following items from 0 to 5, being 0 the lowest qualification and 5 the highest qualification.


(0) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) DN/NA
Effectiveness of the channels of communication used (website, e-mail, etc.)
Service received
Speed in providing of service
Administrative management of the service: application, invoicing, etc.
Scientific quality of SGIker staff
Scientific quality of SGIker facilities
Layout and format of data and results
Support for teaching and research/training
Adecuation of rates charged
Overall assessment of the service



9.) Suggestions and observations to improve the service.



10.) Would it be interesting for this service to offer a new or different training course to the one it already offers? ?

Describe the course you would like to be offered



We request your name and email address to be able to satisfactorily resolve any anomaly that may have happened



11.) Write your name (*)



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