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Systems, Man, & Cybernetics by HAIS Workshop

Contents of the session

SMC by HAIS-WORKSHOP is dedicated to emerging and challenging topics in CYBERNETICS, SYSTEMS, HUMAN-MACHINE SYSTEMS and their associated learning paradigms. It will be held in the historical city of San Sebastian, one of the most visited cities in Spain.
MC by HAIS-WORKSHOP.-IEEE.-SPANISH CHAPTER provides an interesting opportunity to present and discuss the latest theoretical advances and real-world applications in CYBERNETICS, SYSTEMS, HUMAN-MACHINE SYSTEMS by means of HYBRID ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, including the following topics:


  • Computational Intelligence
  • Computational Life Science
  • Education Technology and Training
  • Granular Computing
  • nformation Assurance & Intelligent Multimedia-Mobile Communications
  • Intelligent Internet Systems Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems
  • Machine Learning Medical Informatics Pattern Recognition Soft Computing


  • Brain-Machine Interface Systems
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design Human Centered
  • Transportation Systems Human-Computer Interaction Information Systems for Design
  • Marketing Systems Safety and Security


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Discrete Event Systems
  • Distributed Intelligent Systems
  • Enterprise Information Systems
  • Grey Systems
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Applications
  • Infrastructure Systems and Services
  • Intelligent Green Production Systems
  • Intelligent Power and Energy Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Medical Mechatronics
  • Robotics and Intelligent Sensing
  • Self-Organization and Complex Distributed Systems Service Systems
  • Organization System of Systems Intelligent Learning in Control Systems
  • Systems Biology


  • Emilio Corchado - Univesity of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Manuel Graña - University of Basque Country (Spain)
  • Richard Duro - University of Coruña (Spain)
  • Juan M. Corchado - University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Vicent Botti - Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain)
  • Ramón Rizo - University of Alicante (Spain)
  • Juan Pavón - University Complutense of Madrid (Spain)
  • José Manuel Molina - University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain)
  • Francisco Herrera - Univesity of Granada (Spain)
  • César Hervás - Univesity of Cordoba (Spain)
  • Sebastian Ventura - Univesity of Cordoba (Spain)
  • Álvaro Herrero - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Bruno Baruque - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Javier Sedano - University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Sara Rodríguez - University of Salamanca (Spain)
  • Lourdes Sáiz Barcena - University of Burgos (Spain)

Contact information


HAIS'10 proceedings will be published by Springer in its series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (Tentative) All accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors who must register for the conference and pay the fee.



VicomTech Cursos de Verano UPV/EHU
GIAA Nesplora

Technical Co-Sponsors

IEEE Spain
IEEE Spain
MIR Labs



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