De Grupo de Inteligencia Computacional (GIC)

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Mihai Datcu: "Data Mining on Remote Sensing Data"

Prof. Marios Polycarpou: "Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Fault Diagnosis"

Prof. Gerhard X. Ritter: "Advances in Lattice and Dendritic Computing"

Prof. Ali-Akbar Ghorbani: "Y-means: an autonomous clustering algorithm"

Prof. James Llinas: "A Survey and Analysis of Frameworks and Framework Issues for Information Fusion Applications"

Prof. Éloi Bossé: "Concepts, Models, and Tools for Information Fusion"

General Tracks

Session GT1: General Track

Chair: Blanca R. Cases Gutierrez

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
744 A Regular Tetrahedron Formation Strategy for Swarm Robots in Three-Dimensional Environment M. Fikret Ercan, Xiang Li, Ximing Liang 24
857 Markovian Ants in a Queuing System Ilija Tanackov, Dragan Simić, Siniša Sremac, Jovan Tepić,Sunčica Kocić-Tanackov 33
851 A parametric method applied to phase recovery from a fringe pattern based on a Particle Swarm Optimization J.F. Jimenez, F.J. Cuevas, J.H. Sossa, L.E. Gomez 44
891 Automatic PSO-Based Multi-modal Deformable Structures Markerless Tracking In Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Haroun Djaghloul, Mohammed Batouche, Jean-Pierre Jessel 49
924 A Framework For Optimization Of Genetic Programming Evolved Classifier Expressions using Particle Swarm Optimization Hajira Jabeen , Abdul Rauf Baig 57
896 Developing an Intelligent Parking Management Application based on Multi-Agent Systems and Semantic Web Technologies Andrés Muñoz and Juan A. Botía 65

Session GT2: General Track

Chair: Iván Villaverde de la Nava

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
921 Linked Multicomponent Robotic Systems: Basic Assessment of Linking Element Dynamical Effect Borja Fernandez-Gauna, Jose M. Lopez-Guede, Ekaitz Zulueta 74
829 Social simulation for AmI systems engineering [video demo] Teresa Garcia-Valverde, Emilio Serrano, Juan A. Botia 81
876 Automatic Behavior Pattern Classification for Social Robots [video demo] Abraham Prieto, Francisco Bellas, Pilar Caamaño, Richard J. Duro 89
818 Healthcare Information Fusion using Context-Aware Agents Dante I. Tapia, Juan A. Fraile, Ana de Luis, Javier Bajo 97
840 Recognition of Turkish vowels by probabilistic neural networks using Yule-Walker AR method Erdem Yavuz, Vedat Topuz 113
732 A Dual Network Adaptative Learning Algorithm for Supervised Neural Network with Contour Preserving Classification for Soft Real Time Applications Piyabute Fuangkhon, Thitipong Tanprasert 129

Session GT3: General Track

Chair: Maite García-Sebastián

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
745 The Abnormal vs. Normal ECG Classification Based on Key Features and Statistical Learning Jun Dong, Jia-fei Tong, Xia Liu 137
767 Classification of wood fibre cross-sectional shapes Asuka Yamakawa, Gary Chinga-Carrasco 146
832 A Hybrid Cluster-Lift Method for the Analysis of Research Activities Boris Mirkin, Susana Nascimento, Trevor Fenner, Luís Moniz Pereira 154
843 Protein Fold Recognition with Combined SVM-RDA Classifier Wieslaw Chmielnicki, Katarzyna Stapor 164
850 Multivariate discretization for associative classification in a sparse data application domain María N. Moreno García, Joel Pinho Lucas, Vivian F. López Batista, M. José Polo Martín 105
859 A Dynamic Bayesian Network based Structural Learning towards Automated Handwritten Digit Recognition Olivier Pauplin, Jianmin Jiang 121

Session GT4: General Track

Chair: Alex Manhaes Savio

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
749 Data Processing On Database Management Systems With Fuzzy Query İrfan Şimşek, Vedat Topuz 172
798 A Hybrid Approach for Process Mining: Using From-to Chart Arranged by Genetic Programming Eren Esgin, Pinar Senkul, Cem Cimenbicer 180
860 Continuous Pattern Mining Using the FCPGrowth Algorithm in Trajectory Data Warehouses Marcin Gorawski and Pawel Jureczek 188
913 Hybrid approach for Language Identification oriented to Multilingual Speech Recognition in the Basque context N.Barroso, K. López de Ipiña, A.Ezeiza, O. Barroso, U. Susperregi 197
947 An Approach of Bio-inspired Hybrid Model for Financial Markets Dragan Simić, Vladeta Gajić, Svetlana Simić 205
823 Interactive and Stereoscopic Hybrid 3D Viewer of Radar Data with Gesture Recognition [Video demo] [Video demo 2] Jon Goenetxea, Aitor Moreno, Luis Unzueta, Andoni Galdos, Alvaro Segura 213
895 A SVM and k-NN restricted stacking to improve land use and land cover classification Jorge Garcia-Gutierrez, Daniel Mateos-Garcia, Jose C. Riquelme-Santos 1089

Session GT5: General Track

Chair: Elsa Fernández Gómez de Segura

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
845 Recognition of Manual Actions with Dimension Reduction and Dynamic Time Warping M. Martin, J. Maycock, F. P. Schmidt and O. Kramer 221
863 Protecting Web Services against DoS Attacks: A Case-based Reasoning Approach C. Pinzón, J. F. De Paz, C. Zato, J. Pérez 229
890 Ranked Tag Recommendation Systems based on Logistic Regression J. R. Quevedo, E. Montañés, J. Ranilla, and I. Díaz 237
892 A Hybrid Robotic Control System using Neuroblastoma Cultures J.M. Ferrández, V. Lorente, J.M. Cuadra, F. de la Paz, J. R. Álvarez-Sánchez, and E. Fernández 245
844 Image Segmentation with a Hybrid Ensemble of One-Class Support Vector Machines Bogusław Cyganek 254
926 Power Prediction in Smart Grids with Evolutionary Local Kernel Regression Oliver Kramer, Benjamin Satzger, and Jörg Lässig 262
912 Using Self-Organizing Maps for Intelligent Camera based User Interfaces Z. Banković, E. Romero, J. Blesa, J. M. Moya, D. Fraga, J. C. Vallejo, A. Araujo, P. Malagón, J. M. de Goyeneche, D. Villanueva, O. Nieto-Taladriz 1082

Session GT6: General Track

Chair: Carmen Hernández Gómez

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
733 Automatic quality inspection of percussion cap mass production by means of 3D machine vision and machine learning techniques A. Tellaeche, R. Arana, A. Ibarguren, J. M. Martinez-Otzeta 270
778 Speaker Verification and Identification using Principal Component Analysis based on Global Eigenvector Matrix Minkyung Kim, Eunyoung Kim, Changwoo Seo, Sungchae Jeon 278
846 Hybrid approach for Automatic Evaluation of Emotion Elicitation oriented to people with intellectual disabilities R. Martínez, K. López de Ipiña, E. Irigoyen, N. Asla 286
879 Fusion of fuzzy spatial relations Nadeem Salamat, El-hadi Zahzah 294
773 Model Driven Image Segmentation using a genetic algorithm for structured data Romain Raveaux, Guillaume Hillairet 310
824 Embodied moving-target seeking with prediction and planning [Video demo] [Video demo 2] [Video demo 3] [Video demo 4] Noelia Oses, Matej Homann, Randal A. Koene 1074

Session GT7: General Track

Chair: Ramón Moreno

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
781 Stamping line optimization using Genetic Algorithms and Virtual 3D line simulation Javier A. García-Sedano, Jon Alzola Bernardo, Asier González González, Oscar Berasategui Ruiz de Gauna, Rafael Yuguero González de Mendivil 319
812 Evolutionary Industrial Physical Model Generation Alberto Carrascal, Amaia Alberdi 327
882 Evolving Neural Networks with Maximum AUC for Imbalanced Data Classification Xiaofen Lu , Ke Tang, Xin Yao 335
915 A Neuro-Genetic Control Scheme application for industrial R^3 workspaces E. Irigoyen, M. Larrea, J. Valera, V. Gómez, F. Artaza 344
916 Memetic Feature Selection: Benchmarking Hybridization Schemata M. A. Esseghir, Gilles Goncalves, Yahya Slimani 351
938 GENNET-Toolbox: An Evolving Genetic Algorithm for Neural Network Training Vicente Gómez-Garay, Eloy Irigoyen, Fernando Artaza 369
941 An Evolutionary Feature-Based Visual Attention Model Applied to Face Recognition Roberto A. Vázquez, Humberto Sossa, Beatriz A. Garro 377
905 Reducing Artifacts in TMS-Evoked EEG Juan José Fuertes, Carlos M. Travieso, A. Álvarez, M. A. Ferrer, J. B. Alonso 302

Special Sessions

Session SS01: Real World HAIS Applications and Data Uncertainty

Organizers: Enrique de la Cal (Session Chair), José Ramón Villar

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
763 Efficient Plant Supervision Strategy using NN Based Techniques Ramon Ferreiro Garcia, Jose Luis Calvo Rolle, Francisco Javier Perez Castelo 385
799 FDI and accommodation using NN Based Techniques Ramon Ferreiro Garcia, Alberto De Miguel Catoira, Beatriz Ferreiro Sanz 395
825 A hybrid ACO approach to the Matrix Bandwidth Minimization Problem Camelia-M. Pintea, Gloria-Cerasela Crişan, Camelia Chira 405
830 Machine-Learning Based Co-Adaptive Calibration: a Perspective to fight BCI Illiteracy Carmen Vidaurre , Claudia Sannelli , Klaus-Robert Muller, Benjamin Blankertz 413
819 Analysing the Low Quality of the Data in Lighting Control Systems Jose R. Villar, Enrique de la Cal, Javier Sedano, Marco García-Tamargo 421
865 Type-1 Non-Singleton Type-2 Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy Logic Systems Using the Hybrid Mechanism Composed by a Kalman Type Filter and Back Propagation Methods Gerardo M. Mendez, Angeles Hernández, Alberto Cavazos, Marco-Tulio Mata-Jiménez 429
914 An Hybrid Architecture Integrating Forward Rules with Fuzzy Ontological Reasoning Stefano Bragaglia, Federico Chesani, Anna Ciampolini, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Davide Sottara 438

Session SS03: Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications

Organizers: Juan Manuel Górriz (Session chair), Javier Ramírez Pérez de Inestrosa

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
753 Selecting regions of interest in SPECT images using Wilcoxon Test for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease D. Salas-Gonzalez, J. M. Górriz, J. Ramírez, F. Segovia, R. Chaves, M. López, I. A. Illán, P. Padilla 446
774 Effective Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease by means of Association Rules R. Chaves, J. Ramírez, J.M. Górriz, M. López, D. Salas-Gonzalez, I. Illán, F. Segovia, P. Padilla 452
780 Exploratory Matrix Factorization for PET Image Analysis A. Kodewitz, I. R. Keck, A. M. Tomé, P. Padia, J. M. Górriz, C. G. Puntonet, E. W. Lang 460
782 NMF-Based Analysis of SPECT Brain Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Pablo Padilla, Juan-Manuel Górriz, Javier Ramírez, Elmar Lang, Rosa Chaves, Fermin Segovia, Ignacio Álvarez, Diego Salas-González, Miriam López 468
784 Partial Least Squares for feature extraction of SPECT images F. Segovia, J. Ramírez, J. M. Górriz, R. Chaves, D. Salas-Gonzalez, M. López, I. Álvarez, P. Padilla, C. G. Puntonet 476
800 Sensor Fusion Adaptive Filtering for Position Monitoring in Intense Activities Alberto Olivares, J.M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez, Gonzalo Olivares 484
853 Prediction of Bladder Cancer Recurrences using Artificial Neural Networks Ekaitz Zulueta Guerrero, Naiara Telleria Garay, Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede, Borja Ayerdi Vilches, Eider Egilegor Iragorri, David Lecumberri Castanos, Ana Belen de la Hoz Rastrollo, Carlos Pertusa Pena 492
886 Hybrid Decision Support System for Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair Follow-up Jon Haitz Legarreta, Fernando Boto, Ivan Macia, Josu Maiora, Guillermo Garcia, Celine Paloc, Manuel Graña, Mariano de Blas 500
848 On the design of a CADS for Shoulder Pain Pathology K. Lopez de Ipiña, M.C. Hernandez, E. Martinez, C. Vaquero 508
908 Exploring symmetry to assist Alzheimer Disease Diagnosis I. A. Illán, J. M. Górriz, J. Ramírez, D. Salas-Gonzalez, M. López, P. Padilla, R. Chaves, F.Segovia, C. G. Puntonet 516
930 Thrombus Volume Change Visualization after Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Josu Maiora, Guillermo Garcia, Ivan Macia, Jon Haitz Legarreta, Fernando Boto, Celine Paloc, Manuel Graña, Javier Sanchez Abuin 524

Session SS04: Methods of Classifiers Fusion

Organizers: Emilio Corchado, Michal Wozniak (Session Chair), Bruno Baruque

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
881 Randomness and Fuzziness in Bayes Multistage Classifier Robert Burduk 532
888 Multiple classifier system with radial basis weight function Konrad Jackowski 540
911 Mixture of Random Prototype-based local Experts Giuliano Armano, Nima Hatami 548
791 Graph-based Model-Selection Framework for Large Ensembles Krisztian Buza, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Lars Schmidt-Thieme 557
854 Rough Set-Based Analysis of Characteristic Features for ANN Classifier Urszula Stańczyk 565
917 Boosting Algorithm with Sequence-loss Cost Function for Structured Prediction Tomasz Kajdanowicz, Przemyslaw Kazienko, Jan Kraszewski 573
932 Application of Mixture of Experts to Construct Real Estate Appraisal Models Magdalena Graczyk, Tadeusz Lasota, Zbigniew Telec, Bogdan Trawiński 581
935 Designing fusers on the basis of discriminants - evolutionary and neural methods of training Michal Wozniak, Marcin Zmyslony 589
964 A bio-inspired fusion method for data visualization Bruno Baruque, Emilio Corchado 1097

Session SS05: Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning

Organizers: Eva L. Gibaja (Session Chair), Amelia Zafra, Sebastián Ventura

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
937 SIFT-SS: An Advanced Steady-State Multi-Objective Genetic Fuzzy System Michel González, Jorge Casillas, Carlos Morell 597
942 Evolving multi-label classification rules with gene expression programming: A preliminary study José Luis Ávila-Jiménez, Eva Gibaja, Sebastián Ventura 605
752 Solving Classification problems using Genetic Programming Algorithms on GPUs Alberto Cano, Amelia Zafra, Sebastián Ventura 613
792 Analysis of the Effectiveness of G3PARM Algorithm J. M. Luna, J. R. Romero, S. Ventura 623
839 Reducing Dimensionality in Multiple Instance Learning with a Filter Method Amelia Zafra, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Sebastián Ventura 631
923 Graphical exploratory analysis of educational knowledge surveys with missing and conflictive answers using evolutionary techniques Luciano Sánchez, Inés Couso, José Otero 641

Session SS06: Systems, Man, & Cybernetics by HAIS Workshop

Organizers: Emilio Corchado, Manuel Graña, Richard Duro (Session Chair), Juan M. Corchado, Vicent Botti, Ramón Rizo, Juan Pavón, José Manuel Molina, Francisco Herrera, César Hervás, Sebastian Ventura, Álvaro Herrero, Bruno Baruque, Javier Sedano, Sara Rodríguez, Lourdes Sáiz

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
856 Data Mining for Grammatical Inference with Bioinformatics Criteria Vivian F. López, Ramiro Aguilar, Luis Alonso, María N. Moreno, Juan M. Corchado 649
874 Hybrid Multiagent System for Automatic Object Learning Classification Ana Gil, Fernando de la Prieta, Vivian F. López 657
748 On the Use of a Hybrid Approach to Contrast Endmember Induction Algorithms Miguel A. Veganzones, Carmen Hernández 665
831 Self-emergence of Lexicon Consensus in a Population of Autonomous Agents by Means of Evolutionary Strategies Darío Maravall, Javier de Lope, Raúl Domínguez 673
783 Enhanced Self Organized Dynamic Tree Neural Network Juan F. de Paz, Sara Rodríguez, Ana Gil, Juan M. Corchado, Pastora Vega 681
821 Agents and Computer Vision for Processing Stereoscopic Images Sara Rodríguez, Fernando de la Prieta, Dante I. Tapia, Juan M. Corchado 689
946 Incorporating Temporal Constraints in the Planning Task of a Hybrid Intelligent IDS Álvaro Herrero, Martí Navarro, Vicente Julián, Emilio Corchado 697
950 HERA: A New Platform for Embedding Agents in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Ricardo S. Alonso, Juan F. de Paz, Óscar García, Óscar Gil, Angélica González 707

Session SS07: Hybrid Intelligent Systems on Logistics
Session SS09: HAIS for Computer Security (HAISfCS)

Organizers SS07: Camelia Chira (Session Chair), Alberto Ochoa, Arturo Hernández, Katya Rodríguez
Organizers SS09: Emilio Corchado, Álvaro Herrero

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
820 A Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem P. C. Pop, O. Matei, C. Pop Sitar, C. Chira 715
945 Scalability of a methodology for generating technical trading rules with GAPs based on Risk-Return adjustment and incremental training E. A. de la Cal, E. M. Fernandez, R. Quiroga, J. R. Villar, J. Sedano 739
889 Hybrid approach for the Public Transportation Time Dependent Orienteering Problem with Time Windows [Video demo] [Video demo2] Ander Garcia, Olatz Arbelaitz, Pieter Vansteenwegen, Wouter Souffriau, Maria Teresa Linaza 747
743 Adaptive Hybrid Immune Detector Maturation Algorithm Jungan Chen, Wenxin Chen, Feng Liang 795
918 Interactive Visualization Applets for Modular Exponentiation using Addition Chains Hatem M. Bahig, Yasser Kotb 803
963 CBRid4SQL: A CBR Intrusion Detector for SQL Injection Attacks Cristian Pinzón, Álvaro Herrero, Juan F. De Paz, Emilio Corchado, Javier Bajo 1107

Session SS08: Hybrid Reasoning and Coordination Methods on Multi-Agent Systems

Organizers: Vicente Julián (Session Chair), Stella Heras, Martí Navarro

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
746 A functional taxonomy for artifacts Sergio Esparcia, Estefanía Argente 755
762 A Case-Based Reasoning approach for Norm adaptation Jordi Campos, Maite López-Sánchez, Marc Esteva 763
903 An Abstract Argumentation Framework for Supporting Agreements in Agent Societies Stella Heras, Vicente Botti, Vicente Julian 771
910 Reaching a common agreement discourse universe on Multi-Agent Planning Alejandro Torreño, Eva Onaindia, Oscar Sapena 779
811 Integrating information extraction agents into a tourism recommender system Sergio Esparcia, Victor Sánchez-Anguix, Estefanía Argente, Ana García-Fornes, Vicente Julián 787

Session SS10: Hybrid and Intelligent Techniques on Multimedia

Organizers: Adriana Dapena (Session Chair), Daniel Iglesia, Ramón Moreno

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
902 Multimedia Elements in a Hybrid Multi-Agent System for the Analysis of Web Usability E. Mosqueira-Rey, B. Baldonedo del Río, D. Alonso-Ríos, E. Rodríguez-Poch, D. Prado-Gesto 811
871 An Approach for an AVC to SVC Transcoder with Temporal Scalability Rosario Garrido-Cantos, José Luis Martínez, Pedro Cuenca and Antonio Garrido 819
873 A GPU-based DVC to H.264/AVC Transcoder Alberto Corrales-García, Rafael Rodríguez-Sánchez, José Luis Martínez, Gerardo Fernández-Escribano, José M. Claver, José Luis Sánchez 827
758 Hybrid Color Space Transformation to Visualize Color Constancy Ramón Moreno, José Manuel López-Guede, Alicia d’Anjou 835
786 A Novel Hybrid Approach to Improve Performance of Frequency Division Duplex Systems with Linear Iglesia, and Adriana Dapena Precoding Paula M. Castro, José A. García-Naya, Daniel Iglesia, Adriana Dapena 843
901 Low Bit-Rate Video Coding with 3D Lower Trees (3D-LTW) Otoniel López, Miguel Martínez-Rach, Pablo Piñol, Manuel P. Malumbres, José Oliver 851
904 Color video segmentation by dissimilarity based on edges Lucía Ramos, Jorge Novo, José Rouco, Antonio Mosquera, Manuel G. Penedo 859

Session SS11: Hybrid ANNs: Models, Algorithms and Data

Organizers: César Hervás (Session Chair), Antonio Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Fernández

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
900 Label dependent evolutionary feature weighting for remote sensing data Daniel Mateos-García, Jorge García-Gutiérrez, José C. Riquelme-Santos 867
756 Evolutionary q-Gaussian Radial Basis Functions for Binary-Classification F. Fernández-Navarro, C. Hervás-Martínez, P.A. Gutiérrez, M., Cruz-Ramírez, M. Carbonero-Ruz 875
770 Evolutionary Learning using a Sensitivity-Accuracy Approach for Classification Javier Sánchez-Monedero, C. Hervás-Martínez, F.J. Martínez-Estudillo, Mariano Carbonero Ruz, M. C. Ramírez Moreno, M. Cruz-Ramírez 883
776 An Hybrid System for Continuous Learning Aldo Franco Dragoni, Germano Vallesi, Paola Baldassarri, Mauro Mazzieri 891
793 Support Vector Regression Algorithms in the Forecasting of Daily Maximums of Tropospheric Ozone Concentration in Madrid E. G. Ortiz-García, S. Salcedo-Sanz, A. M. Pérez-Bellido, J. Gascón-Moreno, A. Portilla-Figueras 899
899 Neuronal Implementation of Predictive Controllers José Manuel López-Guede, Ekaitz Zulueta, Manuel Graña, Alicia D’Anjou 907

Session SS12: Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems Based on Lattice Theory

Organizers: Vassilis Kaburlasos (Session Chair), Juan Humberto Sossa, Cliff Joslyn

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
925 Order Metrics for Semantic Knowledge Systems Cliff Joslyn, Emilie Hogan 995
771 Alpha-Satisfiability and Alpha-Lock Resolution for a Lattice-Valued Logic LP(X) Xingxing He, Yang Xu, Yingfang Li, Jun Liu, Luis Martinez, Da Ruan 915
814 An Introduction to the Kosko Subsethood FAM Peter Sussner, Estevão Esmi 939
864 Lattice Associative Memories for Segmenting Color Images in Different Color Spaces Gonzalo Urcid, Juan Carlos Valdiviezo-N., Gerhard X. Ritter 955
801 Lattice Independent Component Analysis for mobile robot localization Ivan Villaverde, Borja Fernandez-Gauna, Ekaitz Zulueta 931
943 A Comparison of VBM results by SPM, ICA and LICA Darya Chyzhyk, Maite Termenón, Alexandre Savio 1024
796 Granular Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) Design by Lattice Computing Vassilis G. Kaburlasos 1005
919 Lattice Neural Networks with Spike Trains Gerhard X. Ritter, Gonzalo Urcid 963
772 On Compactness and Consistency in Finite Lattice-Valued Propositional Logic Xiaodong Pan, Yang Xu, Luis Martinez, Da Ruan, Jun Liu 924
816 n Increasing Hybrid Morphological-Linear Perceptron with Evolutionary Learning and Phase Correction for Financial Time Series Forecasting Ricardo de A. Araújo, Peter Sussner 947
858 Detecting Features from Confusion Matrices using Generalized Formal Concept Analysis Carmen Peláez-Moreno, Francisco J. Valverde-Albacete 971
906 2-D Shape Representation and Recognition by Lattice Computing Techniques V. G. Kaburlasos, A. Amanatiadis, S. E. Papadakis 978
939 Median Hetero-Associative Memories Applied to the Categorization of True-Color Patterns Roberto A. Vázquez, Humberto Sossa 1013
878 Reconciling Knowledge in social tagging web services Gonzalo A. Aranda-Corral, Joaquín Borrego-Díaz 979

Session SS14: Information Fusion: Frameworks and Architectures

Organizers: Jesús García Herrero (Session Chair), José Manuel Molina, James Llinas

ID# Title Authors LNCS Page
948 Fusion of Single View Soft k-NN Classifiers for Multicamera Human Action Recognition Rodrigo Cilla, Miguel A. Patricio, Antonio Berlanga, Jose M. Molina 1031
949 Self-adaptive Coordination for Organizations of Agents in Information Fusion Environments Sara Rodríguez, Belén Pérez-Lancho, Javier Bajo, Carolina Zato, Juan M. Corchado 1039
953 Sensor Management: a new paradigm for automatic video surveillance Lauro Snidaro, Ingrid Visentini, Gian Luca Foresti 1047
957 A Simulation Framework for UAV Sensor Fusion Enrique Marti, Jesus Garcia, Jose Manuel Molina 1055
958 An embeddable fusion framework to manage context information in mobile devices Ana M. Bernardos, Eva Madrazo, Jose R. Casar 1063