WHAT ARE WE OFFERING: (Super)Computer assisted design and optimization of products in the following subject areas:

  1. Computer assisted design of luminescent molecules for monitorization of metals in biological environments.
  2. Chelation, isolation and segregation of actinide and lanthanide species. Luminescent and magnetic properties of actinide atoms embedded into nano-structured matrices.
  3. Simulation of cluster behavior under ultraintense laser irradiation.
  4. Optimization of passivant ligands for nanoscale materials. Assessment of their stability and properties in various solvents and in biological environments.
  5. Optimization of antioxidant molecules toward Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS).
  • Advantages: (1) Those derived from the design and optimization of processes by computer assisted modelling. (2) Those derived from the set up of a technology observatory

WHAT WILL THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE BE USED FOR ? (1) Detection and monitorization of potentially toxic metals in biological enviornments. (2) Controlling the size and properties of nano-structures materials. (3) Contrast agent design for the spectral/magnetic imaging in medicine. (4) Antioxidant seeding compounds.

TYPE OF PARTNER SOUGHT: High-tech company. Industry oriented research laboratory. Product optimization company/laboratory.

SECTORS: Fine Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Energy.

CONTACT: jesus.ugalde@ehu.es (+34 943 018190)

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