Internationalization of production at the shipbuilding industry
Manuel Guisado Tato / Carlos Ferro Soto / Mercedes Vila Alonso
Universidad de Vigo

The internationalization of the production of the naval factories comes impelled by the possibilities that the new construction techniques open up to the disintegration of the productive processes. Also, the advances of the technologies of the information and communication reduce the inconveniences of the localization of activities in different centers located in geographically distant areas. Also, the depreciation of the costs of transport subtracts importance to the obstacles of the displacement of the parts of the ship among the different construction points. In spite of it, in the naval sector whose habitual objective market is the world, the internationalization of the production turns out to be a less frequent practice. Then, in this work we pursue to identify the keys that govern the contemporary processes of internationalization in general and those of internationalization of the production in the naval factories in particular, making mention to the experiences undertaken by Spanish shipbuilders.


Internationalization strategies, localization of the production, naval industry, territory advantages


Guisado Tato, M.; Ferro Soto, C.; Vila Alonso, M. (2005): "Internacionalización de la producción en las factorías navales"; Revista Cuadernos de Gestión, Vol.5; No.2, pp. 15-30.

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