Sports sponsorship: spectator's involvement and the effects on the identification and loyalty
Ma. Walesska Schlesinger / Alejandro Alvarado Herrera / José Martí Parreño
Universitat de València / Universidad de Quintana Roo / Universidad Europea de Madrid
Sports sponsorship has increased notably during the last years being used by brands not only as a key tool of their marketing communications but even their market positioning. This research analyzes the influence of sports spectator’s involvement to motorcycling –specifically MotoGP- in identification and loyalty to their favourite pilot. The ability of managers to generate profits from stakeholders such as sponsors and the media is directly  related to size and loyal viewers identified an athlete or team, hence the importance in this area of these variables. A cross-sectional empirical research, based on the literature on consumer involvement and its relationship to loyalty and identification, providing a basis for contrast, by using technical analysis of covariance structures, the proposed theoretical model. Study results reveal that consumer involvement with a sport direct influence, both positively and significantly in their identification as their loyalty to their favourite pilot. Managerial implications of the findings and future research areas are also discussed.
KeyWords: Sport marketing; consumer behaviour; loyalty; identification; domain involvement
DOI: 10.5295/cdg.110292ms
Bibliographic: WALESSKA, M.; ALVARADO, A. y MARTÍ, J.: "Patrocinio deportivo: la implicación del espectador y sus efectos en la identificación y lealtad", Cuadernos de Gestión Vol. 12 - N.º 2 (Año 2012), pp. 59-76. DOI: 10.5295/cdg.110292ms
JEL Classification: M3

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