Political ability and strategies of integrative and distributive negotiation as influential factors in entrepreneurial self-efficacy in Mexico
Jorge Armando López-Lemus
Universidad de Guanajuato (México)
Purpose: The objective of this paper is to identify the influence of political skills and strategies of integrative and distributive negotiation on self-efficacy, responsible for determining activities, motivation, effort, as well as persistence in the difficulties that are presented to young entrepreneurs in Mexico.

Design and Methodology: This study was developed in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico; where it was possible to obtain a sample of 432 young entrepreneurs. A hypothetical structural equation model (SEM) was developed through the statistical software Mplus v.7.0, as well as statistical analyzes were performed through the software STATA v.12. As for the goodness and fit indices of the SEM model (x2 = 242.24 gl = 85, CFI = 0.958 and TLI = 0.949, RMSEA = .06, SRMR = 0.05) were absolutely acceptable (Jöreskog y Sörbom, 1981; Rigdon, 1996; Muthén y Muthén, 2010).

Results: According to the results obtained, it is statistically shown that political skills influence in a positive and significant way the entrepreneurial self-efficacy and the integrative negotiation strategy. Likewise, the distributive negotiation does not influence significantly, because this type of strategy only It benefits from a part in the negotiation and not in an equitable way like the distributive strategy. On the other hand, there is a positive and significant mediating effect of the integrative negotiation strategy between political skills and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Likewise, there is no significant mediating effect of the distributive negotiation strategy between political skills and entrepreneurial self-efficacy.

Originality / Value: This study is one of the few that analyzes the relationship between political ability, negotiation and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Especially in the Mexican context.
KeyWords: Political skill, strategy, negotiating, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, entrepreneurship
DOI: 10.5295/cdg.180943jl
López-Lemus, J.A., 2019. Habilidad política y estrategias de negociación integrativa y distributiva como factores influyentes en la autoeficacia emprendedora en México. Cuadernos de Gestión, 19(2), 113-136. DOI: 10.5295/cdg.180943jl
JEL Classification: F51, L26

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