How do the effects of retail innovation change? An analysis by product category
Maria Fuentes Blasco* / Beatriz Moliner Velázquez** / David Servera Francés*** / Irene Gil Saura**
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (España)* / Universidad de Valencia (España)** / Universidad Católica de Valencia (España)***
The present work deals with the study of the antecedents and consequences of satisfaction in retailing through two variables of special relevance, such as innovation and store image. By differentiating between innovation in marketing and in technology, the goal is twofold: to analyze the chain of effects innovation in marketing (technological innovation - image - satisfaction – word-of-mouth) and to study the moderating effect of activity sector in these relationships. Based on a sample of 820 customers from food, textile, home and electronics retailers, on the one hand, the results confirm the chain of relationships; and the category of the commercialized product also moderates the influence of image on satisfaction. There are important academic and business implications, as well as interesting lines for further research in this field. Among them, it should be noted that marketing innovation influences on technological innovation. Thus, the consumer perceives the adoption of new ideas by the store as a relevant antecedent of its technological development. The influence of technological innovation on the consumer’s image about the store has also been confirmed. Moreover, image shows a significant impact on satisfaction, and satisfaction influences on loyalty. Finally, the results confirm that the influence of image on customer satisfaction is different based on the activity sector of the store.
KeyWords: Innovation, ICT, image, satisfaction, word-of-mouth, retailing
DOI: 10.5295/cdg.191081mf
Fuentes Blasco, M., Moliner Velázquez, B., Servera Francés, D. and Gil Saura, I., 2020. ¿Cómo varían los efectos de la innovación en el comercio minorista? Un análisis por categoría de producto. Cuadernos de Gestión, 20(2), 97-122. DOI: 10.5295/cdg.191081mf
JEL Classification: M31

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