Non-monetary price perceived in e-peer-to peer accommodation. Airbnb guests’ perspective
Inés Küster, Juan J. Pascual
Price is considered as a key variable in predicting buying behavior. However, few studies have focused on how non-monetary price is affected and can affect other components of the consumer endogenous variables. This paper seeks (1) to analyze the effects of antecedents of behavioural price (past experience, the benefits and risks of peer to peer accommodation services) on the guest perceived price, and (2) to determine the effect of this price and past experience on guest intentions. With a sample of 136 Airbnb guests and the use of SEM, results show that past experience, financial risk, and time risk influence the non-monetary perceived price. This price and past experience affect guest intentions. This paper tries to bridge certain gaps detected in the literature: (1) we propose to extend the two main factors underlined, considering non-monetary costs, (2) this paper focuses on peer consumers because there is a lack of specification in previous studies due to authors have not differentiated users into host or guest when they analyse intentions, (3) previous literature has research in Airbnb prices but not in the factors that affect price, not in behavioural price strategies, and (4) much of the work to date has been qualitative in nature, whereas this study takes a quantitative approach.
KeyWords: Perceived non-monetary price, guests’ intentions, eC2C accommodation, Airbnb
DOI: 10.5295/cdg.201290ik
Küster, I. and Pascual, J.J., 2021. Non-monetary price perceived in e-peer-to peer accommodation. Airbnb guests’ perspective. Cuadernos de Gestión, 21(1), 103-113. DOI: 10.5295/cdg.201290ik
JEL Classification: M; M3; M0

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