Four Traditions of Research on the Relationship between Knowledge and Power

El 9 de febrero de 2015 a las 14.00 en el Aula 1 del Centro Carlos Santamaría se celebró la siguiente conferencia, dentro del programa formativo del máster/doctorado en FCV, con asistencia de estudiantes, personal docente e investigador:

Liu Yongmou (Renmin University): “Four Traditions of Research on the Relationship between Knowledge and Power”

Brief abstract: Modern ideas about the relationship between knowledge  and power can be divided into four traditions: those that grow out of
the work of Marx, the sociology of knowledge, Nietzsche and Foucault, and technocratic theory. Discussions of knowledge-power relationships
involves important issues and has implications for how we think about science.

7-Liu with Andoni & Carl at lecture
Argazkian:  Carl Mitcham, A. Ibarra & Liu Yongmou

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