New publication: Modulation luminescence of Clay-Dye films

We have a new paper out, “Strategies for modulating the luminescence properties of pyronin Y dye–clay films: an experimental and theoretical study“, published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics!divAbstract

The aggregation process, particularly the type and extent of pyronin Y (PY) laser dye intercalated into supported thin films of two different trioctahedral clay minerals, LAPONITE® […]

New publication: Unprecedented J-aggregates

We have a new paper out, “Unprecedented J-Aggregated Dyes in Pure Organic Solvents“, published in Advanced Functional Materials

The design and synthesis of the first organic dyes enabling spontaneous formation of stable J-aggregates in common organic solvents without additives is described. The new dyes are O-BODIPYs with a B-spiranic 4,4-diacyloxyl substitution pattern. Key to […]