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Hegoi Manzano
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, UPV/EHU
Molecular Simulation of Materials and Interfaces




Eduardo Duque Redondo
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physical Chemistry,UPV/EHU
Molecular Simulation of C-S-H & Geopolymers




Pablo Martín
Kinetic Monte Carlo: Development & Application to mineral dissolution




Xabi Mendez Aretxabaleta
Ph.D. student, Department of Physics,UPV/EHU
Calcium Silicate Hydrate formation at the atomic scale



Jon López
Ph.D. student, Department of Physics,UPV/EHU
Machine Learning techniques for Molecular Dynamics simulations



Sergio Rodríguez Peña
Ph.D. student, CIC Energigune (advisor: Javier Carrasco)
Molecular modeling of novel electrolytes for efficient Li-ion batteries



Former Members

Qianqian Wang
Ph.D. student, NanjingTech
Molecular & Quantum Simulation of Material hydration and dissolution

Pablo Martín
Ph.D. student, Tecnalia R&D and UPV/EHU
Kinetic Monte Carlo: Development & Application to mineral dissolution

2019 group pic


2015 group pic