From Transactions to Dataflow and Back Again – Teraflux

Thursday 31st, 11:00-12:00, 3.2 classroom.

Dr. Mikel Luján

Advanced Processor Technologies group, School of Computer Science, U. of Manchester

Former student of the School of Computer Science UPV/EHU

TITLE: From Transactions to Dataflow and Back Again – Teraflux

SUMMARY: With multicore systems now being ubiquitous we face the key challenge of finding a general purpose parallel computational model that is understandable by software developers and can simplify the underlying computer architecture. Achieving this dual goal is, of course, predicated upon making efficient use of the current multi-core and future many-core systems. We have been investigating Transactional Memory as a synchronization primitive and will provide a summary of the main results achieved. Within Teraflux, we are now focusing on how to combine dataflow and transactional memory to provide such parallel programming model. The aim is to encourage, where possible, the single assignment properties of the dataflow computational model (aka shared nothing functional programming properties or side-effect-free functions) which leads seamlessly to implicit parallelism. This talk will present work-in-progress using the Scala language as a prototyping tool to experiment with dataflow and transactions.


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