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Tesis / Tesia: Variability in remote portlets (S. Pérez, 2016/01/28)


SandypereztesiaAutor / Egilea: Sandy Pérez González.

Título / Izenburua:“Variability in remote portlets”.

  • Abstract:
    Portlet standardization efforts, namely, the Java Portlet Specification (formerly JSR 286) and the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) promise to make portlets into universal and reusable plug-and-play components, making it possible to build a portal by plugging portlets from different vendors into a portal from any vendor. To make portlet reuse practical and effective, portlets need to offer some degree of variability to increase their capability to be tailored to the diversity of settings through which they might be delivered. So far, portlet standards account for variability by accessing and storing persistent configuration data and user profile parameters whose values are provided by the portal at runtime. These mechanisms imply that portlets are equipped with a number of variants, and are able, at runtime, to select between them. However, this might not be enough. This thesis explores three scenarios where mechanisms provided by current portlet standards are not enough, namely: (1) the realization of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), (2) the provision of social tagging as a portal commodity, and (3), mashup-based personalization. The thesis develops the theoretical underpinnings, and provides different implementations as a proof-of-concepts. All solutions are JSR-286 and WSRP compliant.

Director / Zuzendaria: Oscar Díaz  

Fecha / Data: 28 de Enero de 2016 – 2016ko urtarrilak 28
Hora / Ordua: 11:00
Lugar / Lekua: Sala Ada Lovelace Aretoa.

Iruzkin bat honentzako: Tesis / Tesia: Variability in remote portlets (S. Pérez, 2016/01/28)

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