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Tesis / Tesia: LiDom builder: Automatising the construction of multilingual domain modules (A. Conde 2016/02/25


Autor / Egilea: Angel Conde Manjón

Título / Izenburua: LiDom builder: Automatising the construction of multilingual domain modules


Nowadays, in the developed world, it is almost impossible to deal with any situation without the use of Information and Communication Technologies, and Education is no exception to this. In the area of Technology Supported Learning Systems, for example, new means and mechanisms that take advantage of their development and use must provide solutions to problems such as bilingual or multilingual education. It would be appreciated if a Technology Supported Learning System could deal with the management of a subject in more than one language.

This thesis presents LiDom Builder, a framework for the automatic generation of Multilingual Domain Modules from electronic documents. In LiDom Builder, the domain module representation relies on an ontology that represents the topics to be mastered along with the pedagogical relationships between them, and the set of Didactic Resources to be used in the learning sessions. The formalism provided for representing the domain is valid to deal with multilingual domains as it allows both the topics of the domain and the didactic resources to be used throughout the learning sessions in every supported language to be represented.

The LiDom Builder framework consists of three main modules that perform the acquisition of the different elements that constitute the Domain Module: topics of the domain, pedagogical relationships between those topics, and Learning Objects or Didactic Resources annotated with metadata. LiDom Builder uses techniques such as Ontology Learning or Machine Learning, along with resources such as Wikipedia to fulfil its work.

Directores / Zuzendariak: Ana Jesus Arruarte Lasa – Miguel Larrañaga Olagaray

Galan:Investigación sobre entornos flexibles de ayuda a la enseñanza- aprendizaje

Fecha / Data: 25 de febrero de 2016 – 2016ko otsailak 25
Hora / Ordua: 11:00
Lugar / Lekua: Sala Ada Lovelace Aretoa

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