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Collaborating on language processing for Basque and Sami (Laponian)

Researchers working on Basque and Sami (Laponian) are collaborating on Automatic Language Processing.

Linda Wiechetek, a researcher from the University of Tromsø (Norway) is visiting the Ixa Group in Donostia in the period April to July in 2010. Her visit is founded by the NILS mobility project.

Why Sami and Basque? Why do we […]

Master on ‘Analysis and Processing of Language’. Registration in September.

The registration for the Master on Hizkuntzaren Azterketa eta Prozesamendua’ (Analysis and Processing of Language) will be open in September.

2010/06/11 Andy Way’s invited talk: ‘Example Based Machine Translation

Speaker: Andy Way (Dublin City University) Date: June 11, 2010 Time: 16:00 Where: Computer Science Faculty, room 3.17 .

– A brief introduction to EBMT, – Issues for EBMT over the years, and the extent to which they have since been addressed (possibly in other paradigms) – Recent open-source EBMT releases. – European Commission funded […]

CLARIN Meeting in Donostia. May 2010

CLARIN meeting 10:00: Steven Krawer. CLARIN project Coordinator. 10:30: Nuria Bel (Pompeu Fabra University). Coordinator of CLARIN in Spain. 11:00: Coffee -break 11:30 -13:00 Presentation of Basque groups (I)

* Miriam Urkia. Euskaltzaindia * Miren Azkarate. Euskara institutua. UPV/EHU * Mikel Santesteban. Gogo Elebiduna. UPV/EHU * Antton Gurrutxaga eta Iñaki San Vicente. Elhuyar I+G

13:00: […]