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Talk. Tegau Andrews. An overview of Welsh language technologies. (2011/11/02)

Ixa Group has often collaborated with Bangor University in the development of language technology for less resourced languages. Mainly for Basque and Welsh and in the frame of SALTMIL.
Briony Williams, Delith Prys and Gruff Prys are our Welsh contacts.
Tegau Andrews from Bangor University will be with us next week, and we have programmed this talk:

Speaker: Tegau Andrews (Bangor University, Wales)
Uned Technolegau Iaith  /  Language Technologies Unit
Prifysgol Bangor     /   Bangor University

When: November 2, Wednesday
Where: Room 3.2
Time: 15.00
Title: From terminology standardization systems to machine translation: An overview of Welsh language technologies


An endangered language will progress if its speakers can make use of electronic technology” so postulates Wales-based linguistics professor David Crystal (Language Death, 2000: 141). Welsh, spoken by 20.8% of the population of Wales (Census 2001), is classed a vulnerable language by UNESCO, yet it is the Welsh Government’s stated aim to make Wales a truly bilingual nation.

This talk will focus on the progress being made in developing language technologies for Welsh speakers. It will range over topics such as Welsh machine translation, computer-aided translation tools, text-to-speech technology, terminology portals and e-learning resources, and present an overview of the work being done at the Terminology and Language Technologies Unit at Bangor University. The aim of such work is to enable and encourage Welsh speakers to use electronic technology in their own language.

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