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Seminar: Big Data and NLP at Trivago (Min Fang, 2016-06-08)

Talk: Big Data and NLP at Trivago
Speaker: Min Fang
………..2013 – 2015: Master Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies, summa cum laude
………..2015-… :   (Trivago, hotel metasearch)
When: Wed, 8 June, 10pm – 11pm
oom 3.2 gelan   map
I’m interested in getting insights from data by applying natural language processing, machine learning and statistical analyses. Ideally, those insights can then be turned into useful applications or facilitate higher level decisions.

Together with our software engineers I take care of our NLP capabilities: We work on improving and maintaining a highly flexible and scalable pipeline that is geared towards aspect-based sentiment analysis (and more in the future). Extracting knowledge from a large number of natural language texts allows us to understand our domain better and enhance the experience for our users.

Our technology stack includes:
– Python and Java
– R for analysis
– AWS for infrastructure

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