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Seminar: Irish Machine Translation and Resources (M. Dowling, 2019-03-11)

Seminar title: Irish Machine Translation and Resources
Speaker: Meghan Dowling (PhD student in the ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University)
When: Mon, 11 Mars, 15:00pm
oom 3.2 gelan   map

Summary: As an official language in both Ireland and the EU, there is a high demand for Irish language translation in public administration. The difficulty that translators face in meeting this demand leads to an even greater need for English-Irish (EN-GA) machine translation (MT). This presentation will discuss the advances in EN-GA MT that have been made so far, the language resources gathered, as well as some possible avenues for future research.
Bio: Meghan Dowling is a PhD student in the ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University. Her PhD topic focuses on improving English-Irish machine translation. She is visiting IXA group for 3 months to learn about how Basque resources and MT have improved, with a view to using this knowledge to improve resources and MT for Irish.

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