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PhD Thesis: Computational Model for Semantic Textual Similarity (I. San Vicente, 2019/03/11)

Title: Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
Author: Iñaki San Vicente
Supervisors: German Rigau  / Rodrigo Agerri (Ixa Group)
Date: Mars 11, 2019, Monday


The main goal of this thesis was to research on Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in order to develop a social media monitor on specific topics. The most relevant contributions are listed below:

  • Improvement of the state of the art for Spanish polarity classification, and obtained the first position in the TASS shared task twice
  • Contribution to the state of the art in aspect based SA for English, and notable results on the Semeval 2015 aspect based SA shared task
  • Pioneering work for Basque in the SA field, specifically:
    • Creating the first sentiment lexicons for Basque
    • The first polarity annotated datasets for Basque.
    • First resources for Basque microtext normalization.
  • EliXa, The first multilingual SA system including Basque.
  • Talaia, a real social media monitoring platform applying all the previous research.
  • A set of robust and open domain tools and resources that are freely available.

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