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'AI Basque' created by GAIA Cluster and HITZ Center

This summer we have created AI Basque with the GAIA cluster. We want to achieve greater diffusion in our local area for the work that our HITZ Center carries out in language technology and artificial intelligence.

Basque Cluster on ‘Knowledge and Applied Technology Industry’

With AI Basque center we want to be an international reference in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), in industry, services sector and public administration. Our goal is to make companies, institutions and citizens aware of the advantages of artificial intelligence and proper data management. We want to extend this effort to all economic and social areas, in collaboration with other sectors, promoting the development of new products and services.

Who are we in AI Basque at present:

  • 21 companies in the sector of  ‘Knowledge and Applied Technology Industry’
  • 3 technology centers
  • Gaia Cluster
  • and our Hitz Center of the UPV/EHU.

See news published by GAIA Cluster:

Nace AI BASQUE de la mano del Clúster GAIA y del Grupo Hitz de la UPV-EHU para impulsar la Inteligencia Artificial en Euskadi

and by the Basque Government:

AI Basque sortu da, Gaia Klusterraren eta EHUko Hitz Taldearen eskutik, Inteligentzia Artifiziala sustatzeko Euskadin

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