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Workshop: Resources and tools for the automatic processing of the languages of the Pyrenees (2021-05-12, Online, Free)

The European project EFA 227/16/LINGUATEC “Development of cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer in language technologies” organizes the workshop open to all researchers, with the aim of disseminating the work carried out within the project and presenting some of the advances made for Basque and Occitan. This project is co-financed by the European Regional […]

HiTZ Research Center = IXA + Aholab (2020-11-05)

Jokin Bildarratz, Education Chancellor in Basque Government

Last week we presented the new HiTZ Research Center. Along with director Eneko Agirre in the presentation were present Rector Nekane Balluerka, Education Chancellor in the Basque Government Jokin Bildarratz, Deputy General of Gipuzkoa Markel Olano and Mayor of Saint Sebastian Eneko Goia.

Eneko Agirre, Director […]

‘AI Basque’ created by GAIA Cluster and HITZ Center

This summer we have created AI Basque with the GAIA cluster. We want to achieve greater diffusion in our local area for the work that our HITZ Center carries out in language technology and artificial intelligence.

Basque Cluster on ‘Knowledge and Applied Technology Industry’

With AI Basque center we want to be an international […]