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HAP/LAP Master Theses (2020-09-21 and 22)

The following master theses will be presented next week.
Date: September 21 and 22
Place: Ada Lovelace room

Day/ Time

Sep. 21

Garcia Montero, Eneritz
Arantza del Pozo-Echezarreta

Itziar Gonzalez-Dios
Coping with Data Scarcity: First Steps towards Word Expansion for a Chatbot in the Urban transportation Domain

Sep 21

Lima Lopez, Salvador
Montse Cuadros

Olatz Pérez de Viñaspre
Towards Orthographic and Grammatical Clinical Text Correction: a First […]

Master students won EHealth-KD-2020 subtask on Relation Extraction

Oscar Sainz and Edgar Andrés, students of the HAP-LAP master, obtained an excellent result in the eHealth-2020 challenge presented with professors Oier Lopez de Lacalle and Aitziber Atutxa. Their team (IXA-NER-RE) has been “champion” in the Relational Extraction sub-task.

Although their main objective was participation only in the Relation Extraction subtask, they also presented tiny systems in […]

Eneko Agirre won for the third consecutive year the Google prize

Eneko Agirre  won again a Google prize last March. He is one of the few researchers who has obtained the Google Faculty Research Award on three occasions. The $62,000 prize will fund the project ‘Conversational Question Answering agents that learn after deployment’ to develop user dialogue systems, chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Eneko Agirre, member of […]

“Language Analysis and Processing” master theses (2018-06-26)

Four master theses have been presented in June:

Noisy Speech Recognition using Kaldi and Neural Architectures
Ikaslea/Student: Ander González Docasal
Zuzendariak/Supervisors: Vassilis Tsiaras, George P. Kafentzis, Yannis Stylianou

Unsupervised Methods to Predict Example Difficulty in Word Sense Annotation
Ikaslea/Student: Cristina Aceta Moreno
Zuzendariak/Supervisors: Oier Lopez de Lacalle, Eneko Agirre, Izaskun Aldezabal

To post‐edit or to translate… […]

HAP/LAP master thesis (Noelia Migueles, 2017-06-27)

Today afternoon, June the 27th, Noelia Migueles will defend her master thesis.

Date: june 27th, 15:00
Place: Ada Lovelace room

Izenburua / Title: A Study Towards Spanish Abstract Meaning Representation

Egilea / Author: Noelia Migueles-Abraira

Tutoreak / Supervirors: Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza and Rodri Agerri


Neural Machine Translation. Open workshop with Kyunghyun Cho (2017-05-29)

Neural Machine Translation
Open workshop with Kyunghyun Cho
Donostia, 2017-05-29

Trends in Neural Machine Translation (Olof Mogren, 2016)

The third generation of machine translation systems is currently under active development. After initially dominating the field, rule-based machine translation (RBMT) systems have been gradually replaced by data-driven approaches in the last two decades, with statistical machine translation (SMT) systems […]

HAP/LAP master theses (2016-09-27)

Master HAP/LAP
EMLCT master
Master thesis defences

Date: September 27th
Place: Ada Lovelace room


Universal Dependencies for Buryat.
Author: Elena Badmaeva
Supervirors: Koldo Gojenola , Gosse Bouma

LexSynSimpleText, a lexical and syntactic simplifier: first steps.
Author: Maria Eguimendia
Supervirors: Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza and Gosse Bouma

Data Sparsity in Highly Inflected Languages: The Case of Morphosyntactic Tagging in Polish.
Egilea / Author: Michael Ustaszewski
Tutoreak / […]

Erasmus Mundus LCT master. Annual Meeting 2016 in Donostia (June 09 - 10)

European Masters Program
Language & Communication Technologies

Annual Meeting 2016 in Donostia (June 09 – 10)

Day 1, Thursday, June 9, 2016

08:45 : Welcome.
09:00 : Introduction, Dr. Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová.
09:30 : Invited talk: Eneko Agirre (UPV/EHU) – Natural Language Understanding using Knowledge Bases and Random Walks.
10:30 : Coffee break.
11:00 : In parallel:

Student meeting.
Consortium partner meeting.

12:30 : Lunch.
13:30-14:30 : Poster […]

Video: HAP-LAP master thesis (Mikel Artetxe)

Last week Mikel Artetxe presented his thesis at HAP-LAP master.

The presentation can be seen here:


Distributional Semantics and Machine Learning for Statistical Machine Translation
Author: Mikel Artetxe Zurutuza
Supervisors: Eneko Agirre eta Gorka Labaka


HAP/LAP Master theses defence

Master HAP/LAP masterra

Master-tesien defentsak / Master theses defence

Eguna / Date: maiatzaren 17a / May 17th
Lekua / Place: Ada Lovelace aretoa / Ada Lovelace room

Adverse Drug Reaction event extraction on Electronic Health Records written in Spanish.
Egilea / Author: Sara Santiso González
Tutoreak / Supervirors: Alicia Pérez eta Arantza Casillas
Epaimahaia: Eva […]