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HAP/LAP Master Theses (2020-09-21 and 22)

The following master theses will be presented next week. Date: September 21 and 22 Place: Ada Lovelace room

Day/ Time Student Supervisor Title Sep. 21

15:00 Garcia Montero, Eneritz Arantza del Pozo-Echezarreta

Itziar Gonzalez-Dios Coping with Data Scarcity: First Steps towards Word Expansion for a Chatbot in the Urban transportation Domain Sep 21

15:45 […]

2 master-theses today (2019-02-25, 16:00)

Date: February 25th Place: Ada Lovelace room

16:00 Izenburua / Title: Clinical report multi-label classification using the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) Egilea / Author: Jorge Pérez Tutoreak / Supervisors: Alicia Pérez & Arantza Casillas

16:45 Izenburua / Title: Building a dialogue system for question-answer forum websites (defence in Basque) Egilea / Author: […]

“Language Analysis and Processing” master theses (2018-06-26)

Four master theses have been presented in June:

15:00 Noisy Speech Recognition using Kaldi and Neural Architectures Ikaslea/Student: Ander González Docasal Zuzendariak/Supervisors: Vassilis Tsiaras, George P. Kafentzis, Yannis Stylianou

15:45 Unsupervised Methods to Predict Example Difficulty in Word Sense Annotation Ikaslea/Student: Cristina Aceta Moreno Zuzendariak/Supervisors: Oier Lopez de Lacalle, Eneko Agirre, Izaskun Aldezabal


HAP/LAP master theses (2017-09-26)

Master HAP/LAP — EMLCT master Master thesis defences


Izenburua / Title: Automatic Generation of Named Entity Taggers Leveraging Parallel Corpora Egilea / Author: Yi-Ling Chung (EMLCT) Tutoreak / Supervirors: Rodrigo Agerri and German Rigau


Izenburua / Title: Dialect normalisation with deep learning-based automatic speech recognition Egilea / Author: Mahsa Vafaie (EMLCT) […]

HAP/LAP master thesis (Noelia Migueles, 2017-06-27)

Today afternoon, June the 27th, Noelia Migueles will defend her master thesis.

Date: june 27th, 15:00 Place: Ada Lovelace room

Izenburua / Title: A Study Towards Spanish Abstract Meaning Representation

Egilea / Author: Noelia Migueles-Abraira

Tutoreak / Supervirors: Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza and Rodri Agerri

HAP/LAP master theses (2016-09-27)

Master HAP/LAP EMLCT master Master thesis defences

Date: September 27th Place: Ada Lovelace room


15:30 Universal Dependencies for Buryat. Author: Elena Badmaeva Supervirors: Koldo Gojenola , Gosse Bouma

16:15 LexSynSimpleText, a lexical and syntactic simplifier: first steps. Author: Maria Eguimendia Supervirors: Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza and Gosse Bouma

17:00 Data Sparsity in […]