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Collaborating on language processing for Basque and Sami (Laponian)

Researchers working on Basque and Sami (Laponian) are collaborating on Automatic Language Processing.

Linda Wiechetek, a researcher from the University of Tromsø (Norway) is visiting the Ixa Group in Donostia in the period April to July in 2010. Her visit is founded by the NILS mobility project.

Why Sami and Basque? Why […]

Maite Oronoz develops new system to detect and correct syntactic mistakes (2009/09/21)

The new system called Saroi is a general tool which, apart from dealing with errors, can be used to make consultations about syntactic structures in the trees of analysis and to make searches for linguistic structures in such trees.

Maite Oronoz has analysed the existing tools for the detection and correction of syntactic mistakes. To detect […]