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PhD Thesis: Corpus based metrics for measuring distances between languages (José Ramom Pichel, 2020-10-29)

Title:  Medidas de distância entre línguas baseadas em corpus. Aplicação à linguística histórica do galego, poruguês, espanhol e inglês
           / Corpus based metrics for measuring distances between languages. Application to historical linguistics of Galician, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Where: Teleconference,
……….Faculty of informatics (UPV/EHU) Ada Lovelace room
Date: October 29, 2020, Thursday,  18:30
Author: José Ramom Pichel
Supervisors: Iñaki Alegria […]

RUNASIMI project: processing of Quechua

Ixa Group is collaborating since 2011 with the UNSAAC university (Cusco, Peru). The main goal of this collaboration is to make use of the experience and know-how acquired in Basque automatic processing and apply it to the processing of Quechua, that is also an agglutinative language like Basque.

We are developing a spelling checker, based on […]

TALK. A. Kilgarriff: Getting to Know Your Corpus (2012/11/09)

Speaker: Adam Kilgarriff (Lexical Computing Ltd., Brighton)
Title: Getting to Know Your Corpus.
Date: November 7, 2012, Wednesday
Time: 16:00
Where: Computer Science Faculty, Room 3.2


Corpora are not easy to get a handle on. The usual way of getting to grips with text is to read it, but corpora are mostly too big to read (and not designed to be […]