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Seminar: HPSG grammars. (2013/07/15).

Speakers: Montse Marimón and Lluis Padró
Title: HPSG grammars
Date: July 15, 2013, Monday
Time: 10:00-13:00
Where: Computer Science Faculty, Room 3.


What is a HPSG Grammar? Head-driven phrase structure grammar
Spanish HPSG grammar. Examples.
HPSG for other languages and Parallel deepbanks.


Montse Marimón. (2013) The Spanish DELPH-IN grammar.  Language Resources and Evaluation, 1-27.
Marimon, M., & Padró, L. (2012). A hybrid approach to […]

Talk: V. Kordoni. Automated Annotation and Acquisition of Linguistic Knowledge (2011/11/25)

Speaker:Valia Kordoni (LT-Lab DFKI GmbH & Dept. of Computational Linguistics, Saarland University)
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