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BerbaTek project's results and demos.

BerbaTek is a recently finished strategic research project with a duration of three years (2009-2011) funded by the Industry Department of the Basque Government.In order to carry out the project, a consortium was created which was made up of the Elhuyar Foundation, the IXA and Aholab research groups of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, […]

News from OPENMT-2 project


Three pieces of news related to the OPENMT-2 project (2010-2012):

Gorka Labaka’s PhD thesis

In his PhD thesis (“EUSMT: Incorporating Linguistic Information to Statistical Machine Translation for Basque“)  Labaka studied how Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) can handle the translation of Spanish into Basque, a morphologically rich and less-resourced language. He found two ways to enhance the quality […]

A new European Project: PATHS

IXA Group is participating with other 5 partners in a new European project: PATHS (2010-2012).
The PATHS project (Personalised Access To cultural Heritage Spaces)  primarily addresses objective ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation. It relates to target outcome (d), adaptive cultural experiences, by creating personalised views of various forms of cultural expression, adapting these views to […]

CLARIN Meeting in Donostia. May 2010

CLARIN meeting

10:00: Steven Krawer. CLARIN project Coordinator.
10:30: Nuria Bel (Pompeu Fabra University). Coordinator of CLARIN in Spain.
11:00: Coffee -break
11:30 -13:00 Presentation of Basque groups (I)

* Miriam Urkia. Euskaltzaindia
* Miren Azkarate. Euskara institutua. UPV/EHU
* Mikel Santesteban. Gogo Elebiduna. UPV/EHU
* Antton Gurrutxaga eta Iñaki San Vicente. Elhuyar I+G

13:00: Luncha
14:00 -15:00 Presentation of […]

IXA NLP has been invited to join Europeana v1.0 thematic network

Europeana.eu (http://europeana.eu/) is a place for inspiration and ideas. There you can search through the cultural collections of Europe, connect to other user pathways and share your discoveries. Europeana.eu is funded by the European Commission and the member states. It links you to 6 million digital items.

* Images – paintings, […]