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mPower Online Courses

Rising coal and energy consumption is expensive for citizens as well as harmful to the climate. Public ownership can empower municipalities to transition to efficient and renewable energy in a democratic and inclusive way.

Are you working for a municipality?

We invite you to join one of mPOWER’s free six-week online courses. You will engage with other municipalities to share best practices on reducing energy use, generating local renewable energy and financing a democratic transition.

Complete this 5-minute survey to sign up:

Barcelona invests €563 mln into an inclusive climate strategy. Nottingham wants carbon neutrality by 2028. Zenica is constructing a 450kW hydroelectric power plant and is replacing its old energy plant with a new one, thus reducing air pollutant emissions by 90%!

The registrations for the first course will close on March 18. 

The first online course starts on Wednesday, April 8th, from 12-2 pm GMT, 1-3 pm CET. The subsequent sessions will be every Wednesday, with the last session on May 13th.

The courses will run from April – May 2020, September – October 2020 or February – March 2021.

April 8: Session 1, Setting the scene for democratic public ownership
April 15: Session 2, Reducing energy use and tackling energy poverty
April 22: Session 3, Local and renewable energy generation with citizens
April 29: Session 4, Innovation, infrastructure and SMART solutions
May 6: Session 5, Mainstream and alternative forms of financing
May 13: Session 6, Building local partnerships to maximise public benefits

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Learning about citizen in Plymouth

mPower, a European-wide project to facilitate peer learning between municipalities interested in developing citizen-focused energy projects and services. As part of our work, this month we organised a study visit to Plymouth for the members of our mPower peer learning group on energy efficiency retrofit, made up of representatives from the local authorities in Nis (Serbia), Dobrich (Bulgaria), San Sebastian (Spain) and Plymouth (UK). During the three day visit we explored areas of common interest, balancing energy efficiency targets with social value impacts, potential roles for different actors, how to ensure quality works and financing. With Plymouth Council and their partners at Plymouth Community Energy having developed a series of innovative energy projects we felt that the city would be a great place to begin our programme!

If you want to read what happened in Plymouth… click here!

Thanks to for the information!

Remunicipalisation of local energy workshop

Inspired by remunicipalisation initiatives all over Europe, an increasing number of local authorities are expanding their role, no longer simply acting as planning authorities but becoming operational stakeholders and driving forces for the local energy transition. New integrated municipal companies are increasingly being set up.
In this workshop we will:

  • Examine existing (business) models of public ownership of different aspects of energy systems, identify assets, costs and revenue at different scales and in different contexts, drawing on examples from our host in Germany and the rest of Europe.
  • Assess whether your public authority has the resources and capacity to set up (or purchase) and successfully manage an energy company.
  • Analyse how to regain the ownership of the heat and/or electricity grid.
  • Check the limits of transferability of experience and evidence between different EU member states by focussing on lessons learned and common mistakes to avoid.

We will present concrete examples from different EU countries to show how energy supply can be managed or owned by local authorities. We will provide a lot of space for small group work and peer-to-peer exchange.

Remunicipalisation of local energy

When: 28thFebruary –1stMarch 2019
Where: Buhlsche Mühle, Ettlingen (DE)

This workshop is co-organised by HeatNet NWE Project and mPOWER Project, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 785171.

mPower video

Support a fair energy transition by sharing your city’s experience. You have time till 21 December to fill in the mPOWER survey, if you want to be one of the 25 cities to participate in our exciting Exchange learning stream!
And we are glad to present the mPower video; you can watch it here:

You can share easily the video using this adress:
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Stop the EU’s Services Notification Procedure

Stop the EU’s Services Notification Procedure – municipalities need democratic space to protect the interests of citizens!

A coalition of more than 75 civil society groups, unions, mayors and progressive parties running major European cities has come out to oppose a controversial proposed EU directive that has been pushed by business lobbies and would create major new obstacles for progressive municipal policies and initiatives. This directive is called #Bolkenstein Directive; you can read more about it here.

To sign the statement, use this online form – or send a message (name of organisation + country) to ceo[at]

mPower launching in Brussels

Yesterday, 6th Novembre, we participate at the #MunicipalizeEurope event at the European Parliament in #Brussels.
mPower project was officialy launched and people from most of the partners were there. Now, you can enter in the web page and search for more information; have a look in:

The event was great and the people who get togheter in Brussels … much better! 😉
We predict a very good start to the energy transition in Europe!

Municipalize Europe event


Municipalize Europe!

Municipalize Europe!

Will be an opportunity to explore the agenda of transformative towns and cities towards the 2019 European elections and we will launch the mPower project at European level.


  • Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Mayor for Economy and Labour, Barcelona
  • Eleanora De Majo, City Councilor, Naples
  • Rutger Groot Wassink, Alderman of Amsterdam City Council
  • Anne-Sophie Olmos, Councilor for Public Management and Procurement, Grenoble City Council
  • Ian Brossat, Councilor for Housing, Paris
  • Ernest Urtasun, MEP
  • Marisa Matias, MEP
  • Kenneth Haar, Corporate Europe Observatory
  • Satoko Kishimoto, Transnational Institute
  • Nora Hamadi, Journalist

In a Europe governed in the interests of the few, and with the far right on the rise, new ways of doing politics and defending the common good are being built from our towns and cities.

On November 6, cities will meet at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss how EU institutions are affecting life in our neighbourhoods and to present their agenda for the 2019 European elections.


Register soon as seats are limited (without registration you cannot join the event)


Cities and citizens acting for an energy transition

When it comes to managing the energy transition the need for municipal level innovation has never been clearer. In recent years we have seen some successes, where innovative ideas have led to more equitable, just and democratic energy policies. However, the sharing of these ideas has been limited, and they have tended to remain local and specific. To achieve large scale, replicable success we need a coordinated and integrated approach for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Enter: mPOWER

Herriak eta herritarrak energia trantsizio baten alde

Energia trantsizioa kudeatzeko orduan, ezinbestekoa da udalerrien berrikuntza. Arlo honetan, azken urteotan ekimen arrakastatsuak ikusi ditugu, non ideia berritzaileek politika energetiko justuago, bidezkoago eta demokratikoagoak lortu dituzten hainbat lekutan. Hala ere, ideia horien elkarbaneketa mugatua izan da eta askotan tokian tokiko esperientzia soiletan gelditu dira. Eskala handiago batera iritsi eta ekimenak errepikatzeko indarra lortzeko, ikuspegi koordinatu eta integratua duen lankidetza eta ezagutza trukatzea ahalbidetzea beharrezkoa da.
Joan hona: mPOWER

Ciudades y ciudadanía actuando para una transición energética

Cuando se trata de gestionar la transición energética, es necesario que exista una innovación a nivel municipal. En este ámbito, en los últimos años hemos visto varias iniciativas exitosas, donde las ideas innovadoras han llevado a políticas energéticas más equitativas, justas y democráticas. Sin embargo, el intercambio de estas ideas ha sido limitado, y han tendido a ser locales y específicas. Para lograr un éxito replicable a gran escala, se ve necesario un enfoque coordinado e integrado que permita la colaboración y el intercambio de conocimientos.
Entra en: mPOWER



The mPOWER project and consortium are funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme and involves seven partner organizations. The project started in May 2018 and will last four years.