Erasmus Mundus Master in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT) (see Master in Language Analysis and Processing)

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See Master in Language Analysis and Processing.

The massive use of the Internet has increased the need for natural language processing solutions. For example, supplementary linguistic processing is essential to accurately search for the information we are interested in.

Have a look at the following Internet sites:

Online dictionaries: 900 for English, 300 for Spanish, 9 for Basque 50 Basque dictionaries

Ask the following question: 'How far is Bilbao from London?'

Listen to the system read aloud the text you enter.

Run a search on theBoston Hakia engine What does it find in the Gallery section? What does it find when searching for Usain Bolt ?

How do they manage to keep the news collection automatically updated?

Do you use the 'Translate this Page' option in Google?

Spanish-Catalan and Spanish-Galician translation systems. There is also a Spanish-Basque beta system.

Have you ever seen the `Autosummarize' tool in the Word processor?

But... how do these applications work? If you are a computer specialist or an engineer, you may be wondering which the basic computing tools working behind them are or how you can integrate these applications within other applications or the web.

If you are a philologist or linguist, you probably ask yourself how linguistic knowledge is used in them: lexicon, grammar, word-senses, or how morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses are performed automatically.

New researchers (computer scientists and linguists) are required to perform research and development in this field.

Would you like to enter the world of Natural Language Processing with us?

Qualification level

This qualification is recognised at level 3 in the Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and corresponds to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), according to Royal Decree 22/2015 of 23rd January 2015 (BOE Spanish Official Gazette 07/02/2015).

This is a research-oriented master that can be considered the previous step to doctorate studies