Our aim is to apply DFT computational methods for the elucidation of reaction mechanisms, in the organometallic and organocatalysis fields. We are collaborating with a large number of experimental groups (ca. 20), which provide us with highly interesting mechanistic questions to solve.

We are Full Partners of two European ITN Marie Curie Networks:

ECHONET: granted in 2013, in collaboration with 6 academic groups and three industrial partners (Bayer CropScience, Peakdale and Future Chem.). Béla Fiser has completed the PhD (July 2016) working in our group under this projet.

CATMEC: granted in 2016, in collaboration with two academic partners (Univ. Sheffield and Univ Stockholm) and three industrial partners (AstraZeneca, Evotec and Cambrex). Six PhD positions have been fulfilled during 2017 .Among them, Giovanna Zanella and Martin Pauze joined our group on Nov, 1st. They will get joined doctorates between our University (UPV-EHU) and the other partners of the network.