40th anniversary of the Editorial Service



The name of the activity of spreading knowledge by exchanging or taking books. It serves to name an initiative created by the Editorial Service to celebrate the International Day of the Book.

A series of books forming arrows in all directions, symbolizing exchange. The result is an asterisk, a figure used in literature to highlight or emphasize the meaning of something.

The book exchange will take place in the following places and days:

25th of April in Bizkaia Aretoa.
26th of April in Campus of Álava, in Las Nieves.
27th of April Campus of Biscay, next to the Central Library building.
28th of April Campus of Gipuzkoa, next to the Carlos Santamaría center.
29th of April Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao (Portugalete).

Schedule: 10:00-16:00.

Official act.
On April 25 at the Bizkaia Aretoa.