Bachelor's Degree in Architecture - 2019/20

Distribution of subjects per academic year

Academic year 1 (Active)
Architectural Design I: Design and RepresentationSemester 16CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design II: The Domestic Sphere ISemester 26CompulsoryNo
Architectural Drawing ISemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Architectural Drawing IISemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Constructive Analysis ISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Constructive Analysis IISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Geometry ISemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Geometry IISemester 26Basic area-subjectNo
History of ArchitectureSemester 13CompulsoryNo
Introduction to ArchitectureSemester 23CompulsoryNo
Math Fundamentals I: Applied Algebra and GeometryAnual6Basic area-subjectNo
Physical Medium ConceptsAnual6Basic area-subjectNo
Academic year 2 (Active)
Architectural Composition ISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design III: The Domestic Sphere IISemester 19CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design IV: The Residential Sphere ISemester 29CompulsoryNo
Architectural Drawing IIISemester 16Basic area-subjectNo
Architectural Drawing IV Semester 26Basic area-subjectNo
Constructive Analysis IIISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Constructive Analysis IVSemester 23CompulsoryNo
Math Fundamentals II: Applied CalculusAnual6Basic area-subjectNo
Stability and IsostasyAnual6Basic area-subjectNo
Theory & History of Art & Architecture ISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning I. The Physical EnvironmentSemester 13CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning II. City LifeSemester 23CompulsoryNo
Academic year 3 (Active)
Architectural Design V: The Residential Sphere II Semester 19CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design VI: The Residential Sphere IIISemester 29CompulsoryNo
Business Administration ISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Business Administration II Semester 23CompulsoryNo
Construction ISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Construction IISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Services ISemester 13.5CompulsoryNo
Services IISemester 23.5CompulsoryNo
Structures ISemester 14.5CompulsoryNo
Structures IISemester 24.5CompulsoryNo
Theory & History of Art & Architecture II Semester 13CompulsoryNo
Theory & History of Art & Architecture IIISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning III. Urban Planning LegislationSemester 14CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning IV. Introduction to Urban Proposals & LandscapeSemester 24CompulsoryNo
Academic year 4 (Active)
Architectural Composition IISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Architectural Composition IIISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design VII: The Public Sphere ISemester 19CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design VIII: The Public Sphere IISemester 29CompulsoryNo
Construction IIISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Construction IVSemester 23CompulsoryNo
Construction Process ISemester 13CompulsoryNo
Construction Process IISemester 23CompulsoryNo
Environmental Conditioning ISemester 13.5CompulsoryNo
Environmental Conditioning IISemester 23.5CompulsoryNo
Structures IIISemester 14.5CompulsoryNo
Structures IVSemester 24.5CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning V. Introduction: The Detail ScaleSemester 14CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning VI. Introduction to Planning: The Structuring ScaleSemester 24CompulsoryNo
Academic year 5 (Active)
Architectural Design Experimental LabSemester 25ElectiveNo
Architectural Design IX: The Public Sphere IIISemester 19CompulsoryNo
Architectural Design and RehabilitationSemester 25ElectiveNo
Building Intervention TechniquesSemester 25ElectiveNo
Communication in Basque language: ArchitectureSemester 26ElectiveNo
Complex Forms WorkshopSemester 15ElectiveNo
Energy Optimization of the Built HeritageSemester 25ElectiveNo
Environmental Planning, Landscape and Territorial ActionSemester 15ElectiveNo
Final Year ProjectSemester 29Final year projectYes
History of ConstructionSemester 15ElectiveNo
History of Structural DimensionsSemester 15ElectiveNo
Innovation ManagementSemester 25ElectiveNo
Landscape ArchitectureSemester 25ElectiveNo
Microclimatic ConstructionSemester 25ElectiveNo
New Ways of BuildingSemester 15ElectiveNo
Norms and Usage of the Basque LanguageSemester 16ElectiveNo
Open Space Planning and City FacilitiesSemester 25ElectiveNo
Parametric and Digital ArchitectureSemester 15ElectiveNo
Preliminary Analysis of the built Heritage and its Conservation: Working MethodologySemester 15ElectiveNo
Strategic Urban PlanningSemester 25ElectiveNo
Twenty-first Century City and TerrainSemester 15ElectiveNo
Urban ConditioningSemester 13CompulsoryNo
Urban Ecosystems and their Forms of RepresentationSemester 15ElectiveNo
Urban Planning VII: Regional Planning & Environmental ProtectionSemester 13CompulsoryNo
Urban Planning VIII: the Practice of PlanningSemester 23CompulsoryNo
Urban ServicesSemester 23CompulsoryNo