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BIEMH - “Women in Industry” conference

BIEMH - “Women in Industry” conference

BIEMH - “Women in Industry” conference

As part of the BIEMH programme

The AFM Cluster, Bilbao Exhibition Centre and the Professional Women’s Network are bringing the Women in Industry (WIN) conference programme to the BIEMH-International Machine Tool Biennial for the first time. This is a space to reflect on and debate the need for gender equality in business and, especially, in industry.

BIEMH and Women in Industry will be a perfect combination  to reflect, in a series of talks, debates and round tables, on the challenges faced by companies seeking to be competitive and where the gender gap is a further challenge. The aim is to raise awareness of the need to have more women in the industry, especially in leadership positions, and to get business leaders and politicians more involved in gender equality. Similarly, this programme seeks to offer proposals that make evident the importance of gender balance in the industrial sector, showing the benefits of gender equality in this economic sphere to achieve an advanced, more competitive, fair and balanced society.


Web address: PWN - Bilbao