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Study at the Faculty

Our Faculty is made up of around 4,750 students, more than 550 professionals from the teaching staff, more than 150 from the administration and services staff, in addition to more than 130 from the research staff. Welcome!

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National Seminar

Workshop EHUalumni - "Batteries: present and future”

Workshop EHUalumni -

Are you worried about the implications of batteries in the world and in your life?

WORKSHOP: "Batteries: present and future”

The operation of the batteries and what type we need in each case will be explained. We will also see the challenges we face and the technology and research of the future.

The workshop will be given by Jon Serrano Sevillano, Doctor in Materials Science from the UPV/EHU specializing in the structural characterization of Li-ion batteries using X-ray diffraction:

Topics to be covered:

  • The importance of batteries.
  • Electric car: situation, reluctance, comparison.
  • Renewable energy storage.
  • How to improve batteries
  • The future of batteries

Free registration.

If you are not yet an EHUalumni, you must first register: here