Prof. Gonzalo M. Guzmán
Prof. Gonzalo M. Guzmán (1924-1991)

The origins of the current Department of Polymer Science and Technology are mixed with those of the creation of the Faculty of Chemistry located in the Ibaeta campus in San Sebastian. From 1975 and under the direction of Prof. Gonzalo Martin Guzmán various embryonic research lines were generated in the field of Basic and Applied Polymer Science.

Along the years these embryonic research has been consolidated into Research groups that today constitute the framework of the Department approved in 1987. In addition to these groups, there is a well-known one devoted to Theoretical Chemistry.

Since 1999, some members of the Department have been participating in the Institute of Polymeric Materials (POLYMAT), a UPV/EHU Institute, with the aim of providing services related to plastics, polymers and macromolecules to the to outline area .