Doctoral Programme in Business Management, Knowledge and Innovation



The aim of the Doctoral Program in Business Management, Knowledge and Innovation is to provide research training in the fields of business management, organizational knowledge and innovation management within the company.

The program has research lines with a marked orientation towards the company and it is the only one with these characteristics at the UPV/EHU. The lines are as follows:

- Finances, financial information and internationalization

- Government, knowledge and entrepreneurial behaviour

- Markets and innovation

- Innovative organization and people

- Regional policy and public marketing

- Decision making and social choice

Firstly, this doctoral program integrates teaching staff from the three university structures responsible for organizing university training and research in Business Economics at the UPV/EHU, in other words, the departments of Corporate Finance I (Accounting and Business Administration), Corporate Finance II (Business Economics and Marketing) and the Institute of Applied Business Economics of the UPV/EHU.

In addition, it integrates teaching staff from the departments of Applied Economics I, Applied Economics IV and Sociology and Social Work, who conduct research in fields close to business economics. Similarly, it has the collaboration of researchers from different universities in Europe and Mexico, as well as the Tecnalia Technology Corporation.

Qualification level

This qualification is recognised at level 4 in the Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and corresponds to level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), according to Royal Decree 22/2015 of 23rd January 2015 (BOE Spanish Official Gazette 07/02/2015).