Doctoral Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience



Cognitive Neuroscience originated from the interdisciplinary combination of domains as diverse as cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, linguistics and clinical neuropsychology, among others, and from the technological advances in the field of neuroimaging and computation. This interdisciplinary combination aims to discover the brain mechanisms underlying psychological processes like the language.

The objective of the programme is to provide training to researchers in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience with a view to making progress on the knowledge front and ensuring knowledge transfer to the fields of Health and Education. Special attention will be given to interdisciplinary theoretical training and advanced neuroimaging techniques.

The programme has been developed with the assistance of several research teams on the following subjects: Language and Reading, Neurobiology of Multilingualism, Neurodegeneration and Language Disorders, and Advanced Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience.

It is compulsory to participate in the preliminary selection process of BCBL. For further information on the supporting documents required and the submission deadlines, email:

Qualification level

This qualification is recognised at level 4 in the Spanish Framework of Higher Education Qualifications (MECES) and corresponds to level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), according to Royal Decree 22/2015 of 23rd January 2015 (BOE Spanish Official Gazette 07/02/2015).