31. In which situations should I consult the Doctoral School and how do I do that?

You should contact the Doctoral School through the secretaries of each doctoral programme administrative contact for administrative queries relating to:

  • General information about the doctoral programme
  • Access, pre-registration and enrolment
  • Administrative procedure and queries about tutor and director allocation
  • Administrative procedure on development of the doctoral programme and documents:
    1. Commitment document
    2. Activity document
    3. Research plan
  • Administrative procedure and queries about evaluations by the tutor, director and Academic Committee
  • Administrative procedure for requesting:
    1. Change of subject
    2. Temporary or permanent leave
    3. Doctoral programme extensions
    4. Change of director and requests for co-director inclusion
  • Information about International Theses and Theses exempt from the Basque C2 qualification
  • Doctorate certificates

For other queries, such as:

Comprehensive information on doctoral programmes can be found at: https://www.ehu.eus/en/web/doktorego-eskola/doktoregoa