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Plant Biology and Ecology
Faculty of Science and Technology
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Degree in Biology, 1985, PhD in Ecology, 1992. Professor of Ecology at the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the Basque Country. Undergraduate courses taught: Concepts and Method in Biology, Ecology, Limnology.

Main researcher of the Group of Stream Ecology. The group studies different aspects of global change, such as forest activities, pollution, or enhanced temperature, and their effect on the structure and functioning of stream ecosystems. My research line focuses functional aspects such as organic matter retention and processing, nutrient cycling or river metabolism. I study the response of these processes to environmental stressors including suspended solids, high nutrient concentration, drought or emerging contaminants, by combining observational and manipulative studies, both in the field and in the laboratory. I have especially take part of whole-ecosystem manipulations, including control of organic inputs, removal of in-channel large wood, channel restoration, stream fertilization, or experimental water abstraction.

I have weaved strong relationships with other research groups and managers, which led me to work in the Basque Country, in the Mediterranean region, in other European countries, and in North and South America. I am a basic researcher, but I work intensively with environmental managers such as those in the Basque Water Agency, in the Guipuscoa Province Government, or the Basque Government.