Título - Análisis y Procesamiento del Lenguaje

Doctoral Programme in Language Analysis and Processing

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Presentación - Análisis y Procesamiento del Lenguaje

The main objective of this doctoral program is to provide training in lines of research related to linguistic technology, in terms of both the automatic processing of spoken and written language and also in its linguistic aspects.

The Doctoral Programme in Language Analysis and Processing falls within the area of language technologies. This area has undergone a major expansion worldwide in recent years, especially since the increase in popularity of applications such as machine translation (, voice communication with smart phones (Apple) and Google's incorporation of the above technology to improve their search results.

During this period, speech processing, machine translation and the searching and classification of documents have managed to enter the group of applications of everyday use for regular users of communication technologies. A significant improvement has also been achieved in the interaction between the devices and the people who use them.

This doctoral program aims to prepare researchers to be able to meet these new technological challenges.

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Part-time studies

Duration: 5 - 8 courses

Places available: 5

Approximate fees: 219 €/academic year

Ficha de Grado

Full-time studies

Duration: 3 - 5 courses

Places available: 15

Approximate fees: 301 €/academic year


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Research teams and research topics

Research teams and research topics
Research teamsResearch topics
NLP in advanced applications: machine translation, teaching and terminology
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Support capabilities for word processing within the context of office computing and translation
Robust tools for the treatment of written and spoken language
  • Automatic Speech Recognition, Digital Comprehension and Text Conversion
  • Development of basic techniques of Language Engineering and linguistic resources
Semantics and reasoning
  • Semantics, Logic and Reasoning
  • Storage and retrieval of information