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Nekane Balluerka graduated (1989) and obtained her PhD (1993) in Psychology from the University of the Basque Country (Extraordinary Prize in both cases). She has been a member of the academic staff since 1989. Nekane was Vice-Dean of the Psychology Faculty (2004-2006), Vice-Chancellor for Educational Quality and Innovation (2006-2009) and for Postgraduate Studies and International Relations (2012-2016), member of the University Academic Assessment Committee (2007-2012), and member (2009-2012) and Chair (2012-2013) of the Ethics Committee at the UPV/EHU. She has been Chancellor of the UPV/EHU (2017-2021).

She heads the Qualiker research group (Group A of the Basque university system). Nekane has supervised or co-supervised 11 PhD theses (2 with European mention, 5 with international mention, a Basque Social Reality prize and 6 PhD extraordinary prizes). She has been a visiting professor at Arizona State University, at the University of California and at the University of Manchester. She has taken part in 51 research projects (Lead Researcher in 15) and has co-authored 130 scientific articles, 28 books and 10 book chapters, along with 230 contributions at conferences. She has 4 six-year research and one six-year transfer periods recognised. She received the 2021 Euskadi Research Award. Her research lines are focused on the methodology for the elaboration and intercultural adaptation of psychological assessment instruments and on the application of multilevel analysis.