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Farmacia y Ciencia de los Alimentos
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Bachelor (1999) and Doctorate (2003) in Pharmacy from the UPV / EHU, both times with extraordinary prize, where he currently holds the position of full associate professor of Pharmacy since 2002. He has completed the Master's Degree in Pharmacology. Development, Evaluation and Rational Use of Medicines by the UPV / EHU as well as the Master in Advanced Therapies of the University of Oviedo.

Professor and researcher member of the NanoBioCel group of the UPV / EHU (group A of the Basque university system), where he has directed 11 doctoral theses and participated in more than 50 research projects, 15 of which as I.P.

He is a professor and researcher at the University Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Oral Implantology - UIRMI (Vitoria), scientist of the CIBER BBN (Biomedical Research Center on Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine) and assistant principal investigator of the Singapore Eye Research Institute, one of the center of most prestigious ophthalmology research centers in the world. He is also co-founder of the biotechnology company GEROA Diagnostics, focused on the search for biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

He is coauthor of 277 international publications, 70 national articles, thirty book chapters and editor of 3 books. He has an H index of 57, and more than 12800 citations. His lines of research and interest focus on drug delivery, nano and micro-technologies (bioartificial pancreas and 3D spheroids), tissue engineering, the