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Movilidad y Estancias - Ciencia y Tecnología Materiales

Mobility and stays

The programme encourages students to undertake at least one pre-doctoral research stay at an external institution in order to complete one or more of the phases of their thesis. The research stay in question must take place at a prestigious centre, under the supervision of an experienced researcher, and be approved by the thesis director and by the programme's Academic Commission. If the student wishes to obtain an international doctorate mention, the duration of one of the research stays must be at least three months. This is the generally recommended option in the programme, but it is not compulsory. Short stays at research centres and major European facilities are also encouraged. The purpose of this is to boost contact and foster relationships with other teams and to introduce the doctoral student to research networks that may be useful to them in the future.

The programme will notify all students of any calls for grants or schemes to fund these activities, as well as any institutional collaboration agreements that facilitate the process. It also offers a list of centres in which the students may complete their stays or prepare a thesis under a co-supervision agreement.