Doctoral programme coordination


Academic committee


Material resources

The Higher Technical School of Engineering of Bilbao (ETSI) involved in the teaching of this Doctoral Program ensures that the classrooms and work spaces are suited to the envisaged group sizes.

To meet these needs, the ETSI has 38 teaching classrooms which are able to seat from 40 to 150 students, all with screens, video projectors and computers, and 7 special seminar rooms.

Similarly, the ETSI has 3 free-access computer classrooms (with 33, 38 and 55 stations) and 9 computer classrooms reserved for teaching (with between 17 and 40 stations), all with a video projector.

Our experience in the teaching of the doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering ensures that the laboratories and scientific equipment existing at the ETSI meet the envisaged operational needs.

For the training of the doctoral students, the Department of Mechanical Engineering currently has the infrastructure for general teaching and research, including teaching laboratories, computer centres and video-conference rooms, as well as research infrastructure for the research groups, including:

Teaching laboratories.

There are three laboratories where teaching is conducted for the qualifications in Industrial Engineering and the graduate's degree in Industrial Technology, with different materials used in the established teaching practices.

Vehicle Laboratory.

Construction Laboratory.

Mechanical Workshop.

Laboratory of Mechanisms and Robots.

There is also a high performance computer centre.

Our doctoral students have full access to the facilities of the library, students room and research room, as well as access to all the electronic databases and tools available at the ETSI, both bibliographical and technical.

In addition, after joining the research groups, they also have guaranteed access to their documentation and resources.

The ETSI library is constantly updated in the field of mechanical engineering by means of requests for the purchasing of books, periodicals and other materials endorsed by the different teachers of the Doctoral Program.

The ETSI library has two free-access rooms and a closed depository. Its aim is to provide support for the teaching, learning and research activities of the School. It contains all the bibliographical, documentary and audiovisual collections, whatever their location and the source of the funds with which they are acquired.

The ETSI library has over 40,000 volumes of books and different specialized materials and periodicals. The books can be located directly on the shelves or by consulting the computerized catalogue from any computer with an internet connection (the bibliographical collections of all the centres of the UPV/EHU can be found in it). It therefore facilitates direct access to/requests for the complete catalogue of all the libraries belonging to the UPV/EHU.

The library organizes user training courses aimed at professors and students on the functioning of its services and the handling of the information sources, such as reference collections, catalogues, databases, etc.

Institutions with cooperation agreement

  • Centro de Fabricación Avanzada Aeronáutica (CFAA)
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, TEC, México
  • Tecnalia
  • Êcole Nationale Supérieure d' Arts et Mètiers - ENSAM

Other collaborating institutions

  • IDOM
  • Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A.
  • Université de Bordeaux I