Erasmus Exchange Student Nomination Form

University of the Basque Country. Faculty of Economics and Business


Deadline for nomination

First semester or annual (Winter. September-January). April 1st - June 30th

Second semester (Summer. February-June/July). October 1st - November 30th

Deadline for application form

First semester or annual (Winter. September-January). May 1st - July 15th

Second semester (Summer. February-June/July). November 1st - December 15th


Nomination form

It is compulsory to use this web form for the nomination of European exchange students.

You must be a nominating office or university staff member to fill in this form and not a student. All fields are mandatory

You have to fill in a nomination-form for each nominated student and it is important to select the destination (campus) where the student will study.

Link to the nomination form:



Language requirements

For non-Latin speaking students it will be necessary to have a level of B1 or higher in English.

For students of non-Latin mother tongue, it is recommended to take a Spanish course (level A2) before coming to the University of the Basque Country.


Faculty Campus and contact e-mail addresses

​​​​​​​The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is formed by four university campus.

Bilbao (Sarriko)
Bilbao (Elkano)
Donostia-San Sebastián