Mission, vision and values of the faculty

MISSION: Why the faculty exists

  • The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at the UPV/EHU is a university centre that meets the need to train professionals in the field of economics and business, satisfying the needs of the employment market in this area. However, it also generates knowledge, analysis and research in its sphere, contributing to greater understanding of economic realities and improved social welfare and progress.

VISION: Where it aims to get to

  • To be a benchmark institution of excellence in the economics and business field, providing training of the highest quality at all levels of higher education, through a wide range of courses to meet society's needs in this field, based on the potential of its teaching and research staff and passing on its knowledge.
  • To foster the conduct of quality research, recognised both nationally and internationally, encouraging the passing on of its results to society.
  • To establish management procedures that allow the best possible use of its resources and enable all the activities planned to be carried out.

VALUES: Points of reference that guide its behaviour

  • Honesty, transparency and professionalism in management as a key tool to do our job well.
  • Passing on information and knowledge with transparency and an open attitude, setting out to satisfy all interest groups.
  • Participation, cooperation, an innovative attitude, dialogue and teamwork.
  • Sensitivity and commitment to equality, fundamental rights, multilingualism, social needs and the environment, fostering ethics and solidarity.
  • Constant improvement, making reasonable, efficient use of resources.
  • Freedom in the search for knowledge.