Degree in Business Administration and Management

As a consequence of the process involving adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, the Degree in Business Administration and Management (240 ECTS) started to be offered in the 2010-2011 school year, forming part of the "Social and Legal Science" branch of knowledge.

The general aim of the Degree is to provide the future graduate with both economic and business knowledge as well as the competences and skills necessary to perform a wide range of administrative and management duties.

In this respect, the graduate will be able to form part of a company or other organisation by taking up posts that entail high qualifications and major responsibility in any of its functional areas, which will enable them to act professionally both in the private sector (companies, banks, consultancy firms, etc.) and in the public sector (local entities, provincial councils, etc.), in addition to being qualified to set up their own business. They will also be able to take up other professional options such as teaching and research activity.